Top 10 Places to Visit in Port Harcourt In 2020

Port Harcourt is popularly called by the locals as PHC. One of the most exciting cities to live in Nigeria. Notwithstanding its industrial activities, the city boasts of a large number of tourist attractions in the country.

If you ever ondier taking a tour round Nigeria, or you visiting Port Harcourt. This place got some of the best places to unwind. 


From the beautiful white sand, well maintained PH Beaches to the Zoo. Here are the top places to visit in Port Harcourt in 2020.

  • Portharcourt Tourist beach
  • Bonny Island
  • Portharcourt zoo
  • Portharcourt city mall
  • Mile one street market
  • Bole King restaurant
  • Portharcourt golf club
  • Rivers State Museum
  • Port Harcourt Pleasure Park
  • Isaac Boro Park


Port Harcourt Tourist Beach


The Port Harcourt tourist beach is definitely one place you have to visit when in Port Harcourt. This beautiful beach located in the Kolabi creek in old Port Harcourt is the most popular of the many creek-lined beaches in the city. Just like any other beach in Lekki, you can play in the cool water, listen to the local sounds of highlife and modern music from any of the bush bars on the beach.

Local delicacies of palm wine, assorted spicy meats, and local dishes are some of the treats to expect at this sandy beach. Some of the fun things to do in this Port Harcourt beach are playing volleyball, beach football, taking boat rides, horseback riding, watch boat races or just diving into the cool waters. The serenity of this clean sandy beach makes it the perfect place to sit and watch the sunset for the day.

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 Bonny Island


Bonny Island is about one of the most popular places in Rivers state. 1 hour 45 minutes on a boat or about 1-hour speed boating over the Bonny river takes you to this island. It is surrounded on the west and south by long stretches of beaches which attract tourists and fun seeking inhabitants alike on sunny days and festive periods. Finima beach and nature park are some of the calm places to visit in Port Harcourt for fun and excitement purposes. Social events and engagements are even held on the long stretching beaches of Finima. December 26 and 31 are the peak visit periods on this island as thousands of visitors and tourists visit for beach carnivals. The presence of an airstrip on the Island makes for convenient and fast mobility to Abuja, Lagos, and PH City. 

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Meanwhile, Bonny Island at the southern edge of the state is home to various oil companies like Shell, NLNG among others. The Finima beaches are mostly used by the staffs of these oil companies as well as the local people.

 Port Harcourt Zoo


Port Harcourt zoological garden is a delight of tourism lovers in the state as it receives a host of visitors during the public holidays and festive periods. Located at Trans Amadi, the zoo is a place to visit if you care for exotic and wildlife animals that include the drill monkey, elephants, ostriches, lions, crocodiles, gazelles, peacocks, gorilla and several other animals.

Weekends are the time of the week the zoo is most patronised because on Sunday visits you get to witness the feeding of the animals, especially the lions. It can be a thrilling sight watching majestic lions in a feeding frenzy. A major attraction spot in the zoo is at the museum where two large lions and lioness were embalmed. The creatures were killed by electrocution when they angrily attacked and ate the zoo attendant who came for a feeding round and forgot to lock the cage.


 Port Harcourt City Mall


The Port Harcourt City Mall popularly called PHC Mall is one of the latest attractions in the city. This mall is located on Azikiwe road beside the Government House. Like in most big cities such as Lagos, this mall is the hub of activity and allurement for fun seekers. The shopping complex, cinema, and various food courts at the mall ensure that there is a bit of something for everyone.

Mile One Street Market


Mile one street market is the most popular market in Port Harcourt. This market is a bustling and sometimes chaotic. Offering everything from dried crayfish to cheap suitcases and fairly used clothes, this is the market to get a souvenir of your trip to Port Harcourt. While things sold in the market are extra cheap, there is no return policy.

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Traditional African wears can be bought in both small and large quantity at the market. The markets open early as the cock crows at 6 am and closes late in the night at 9 pm. If you’re an adventurous visitor, a visit to mile one market should be on your list as it would certainly leave lasting memories you would not forget in a hurry. 

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 Bole King Restaurant

Bole King is a restaurant place in Port Harcourt where the famous Bole and Fish is exquisitely served. A trip to Port Harcourt is incomplete without a taste of this local cuisine. Bole and Fish is a significant meal of the Rivers people made from a recipe of roasted plantain and fish slathered in the most delectable peppery, palm oil sauce.

Almost at every street corner in Port Harcourt, you can find indigenous women prepare this snack over hot charcoal. Bole King is one of the best places by popular opinion to have this local cuisine in Port Harcourt, especially if you do not fancy the idea of buying food off the streets. Palm wine and fruit juices are served alongside this local meal at the Bole King restaurant.

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 Port Harcourt Golf Club


The Port Harcourt Golf club is a prime recreational destination in the old eastern region of Nigeria. It was established as far back as 1928 even before Nigeria gained independence. The 18-hole golf club is open to the public all year round. Located within the Old GRA region of the city, the golf club is a perfect haven for tourists, especially golf lovers.

Even if you do not play golf, there are other facilities to enjoy within the club such as the table tennis hall, the bar, the clubhouse, swimming pool, football pitch, tennis, squash courts, restaurants, lounge area, internet facilities and gym facilities. The golf club is no doubt a one-stop for sporting and relaxing activities.

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Rivers State Museum

The historical center is in the secretariat complex of Rivers State Government. The gallery contains antiques identified with different ethnic gatherings indigenous to the state including covers, earthenware and cutting. It is one of the best historical places in this city.

Port Harcourt Pleasure Park

Port Harcourt Pleasure Park is an open diversion park in Rumuola, Port Harcourt, and Rivers State, Nigeria. It is situated along Aba Road, close to the second Amphibious Brigade Barracks otherwise called Bori Camp, Rumuola town on a broad open land. The reason for the park is to fill in as both a traveler goal and an income generator for the state.

The park flaunts a broad kids’ play area, a smaller than usual soccer field, and 5 man paddle vessels, each intended for drivers and 3 travelers and water steps. The park is additionally loaded up with different exercise machines running from straightforward walkers and back rubs machines to curved coaches. There is a parking part, a running track, eateries and a climbing tower.


Isaac Boro Park

The Isaac Boro Park is an open wonderful park which is committed to the evergreen memory of a Niger Delta saint and military symbol Maj. Isaac Jasper Adaka Boro. Likewise, the outside park is a vast garden with loads of garden seats and overhangs of trees to supplant the furiousness of the sun with thoughtfulness.

Visiting Isaac Boro Park, here are some useful things to bring along:

  • Mats for picnic.
  • A camera.
  • A companion or gathering of companions nothing beats a gathering background.
  • In case you’re going alone, you require a good book.

At Isaac Boro Park, peace and peacefulness have chosen to rein incomparable for whatever length of time that the park exists; and in quietness, their matchless quality is experienced. It is dry from December to March, however from April to September, it downpours.

There you have it, top ten places to visit in Port Harcourt in 2020. Thanks for reading 


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