What should I consider when renting my first office space in Lagos?

Getting an office space in Lagos can be a real tussle as the mega city is constantly on the rise and booming with a lot of commercial activities. More business owners are on the lookout for office spaces to run their operations.  Not only does having an office space affect your day to day operations and your staff morale, it can also go a long way in affecting your brand image. There are so many things that can affect which office space you choose. Want to make the decision easier? Follow these tips;

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Do I really need one?

A lot of entrepreneurs or startups today do just fine working from their home offices. You need to ask yourself if your business can function well in a home environment otherwise, it’s time to get that office space!


After you have decided to get an office space, the location is the most important consideration when renting your first office space. Make sure you choose an environment that is safe and secure. You also want to choose an office location that is relatively close to your team for easy commute. If you don’t have a team yet, choose an office space location that is easily accessible to potential teammates as well as your target market. You don’t want to choose an office space that would give your clients a lot of work to find.

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What should come with my location?

Your office space environment is very vital. You should go for an office space location close to a few restaurants or places that you may need to visit regularly for business purposes and meetings. You also would want to have banks in your office environment to make business transactions easier.


With a location in mind, it’s time to crunch those numbers. The budget is likely to be your biggest concern. Endeavour not to put your business in far too much debt. Work around a budget that would allow for effective and comfortable operation of your business. Do not forget to factor in those extra expenses like painting costs that would most definitely arise in your budget. Don’t just account for the rent alone. Also, make sure your budget bracket works with your proposed profit margin.


The building and space

Make sure you find a secure building that offers functional basic amenities.

Don’t you choose a building that is  falling apart, you don’t want your clients to think you’re struggling and at the same time, Don’t overextend your budget with a lavish space for your first office, else your clients could think they’re paying you too much! All in all your office space leaves an impression just don’t let it be a negative one.

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You also want to choose an office space that fits your team and has enough space for the furniture needed. There’s no doubt that a cramped office reduces productivity, so don’t compromise on floor space. you can make room for a bit of extra space especially if you plan to grow within the length of your rent, however, don’t go so overboard that you end up paying for extra space you don’t end up using.

Parking space is also another factor to consider. Ensure that there is a right amount of parking space available at your proposed location, for your employees and clients. If not you might what to consider getting an alternative for a parking space.


The layout of my office

You need to figure out the layout of your office. Do you want an open concept or a more private workspace? Think about what style would best suit your team. Make sure you have designs and color palettes to show off a professional environment; the color white can give you just that. Also, keep in mind that an undecorated office would not do well for your brand image. Ensure you have enough room in your office for people to move around with ease. Asides from just desks or cubicles or office furniture in general, you need to think about having some other spaces that could be useful to your team and clients. Do I need a conference room or a few smaller meeting rooms? Do you need a kitchen or storage room?

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The rent span

The span of your rent is another factor in your decision to rent your first office space. For your first office, you might not want to get tied into a very long-term commitment. You don’t want to be stuck with an office space peradventure your business folds, sells or outgrows the space.

What factors influenced your business’s choice of your first office space? Do you have any questions about how to find the right space ? Tell us in the comments section below.


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