How to choose the number of bedrooms when renting an apartment

Renting an apartment can be real work, especially when you have to rack your brain on important issues. These are the key factors to consider when renting an apartment anywhere in the world. They include cost, location, space, and size of the apartment.

A lot of house renters pay more attention to cost and location, and a little emphasis on the size of the apartment. Truth be told so many renters settle for less. The implication of this is that if you need a two bedroom flat, but you a self-contain for the amount you can afford, your attention shifts and you go for the self-contain apartment. In the same vein, if you need a three bedroom flat, but your budget is enough to cater for a four bedroom flat in your choice area, you tend to increase your capacity and rent the four bedroom flat, not because you need it, but because that is what is available and you do not really care about the size of the apartment.


The size of an apartment is actually very important. So many people make mistakes when it comes to this. At times, the estimated budget for the size of the apartment in view may be too much or too small. For instance, if a bachelor, who is not planning to get married in the next six months to one year gets a three bedroom flat, it may be mismanagement of funds. Because about one or two rooms in the building will be empty almost all year round and he would have to pay for it. The same goes for a spinster.

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In considering the appropriate size of the home to rent, the following factors must be considered;

  • the Marital Status of the renter
  • the size of the family
  • Is Subletting part of the plan?
  • Are flatmates allowed?
  • the number of years you want to spend in the house



The Marital Status of the Renter

As stated in the introductory part, bachelors and spinsters need to worry about getting Three-bedroom flats or duplexes. The best apartments for singles, especially in a place like Lagos, where accommodation is a bit expensive are mini-flats. However, with the exception that the bachelor may want to get married in less than a year.

The Size of the Family

Maybe the structure of the family may be a better heading for this. The family starts with a man and a woman but doesn’t end there. While newly-weds can effectively manage a mini flat, a family with five children may not be able to survive in one except in a duplex. The sex of the children is also important. A family of two boys can still manage in a two bedroom flat. But a family of a boy and a girl may have challenges managing such.

Is subletting part of the plan?

This is a very good question. As stated earlier, you may get a three bedroom flat for the same price you budgeted for two bedroom flat or even a self-contain. So what do you do? Make money. You can get a friend to be part of the plan, instead of leaving the room empty.

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Are Flat Mates Allowed?

This looks similar to the point above. But the difference is that this does not happen by chance. This means that you have an agreement with a friend or another party to share the expenses of the flat with.

The number of years you want to Spend in the Apartment

This is somehow tricky. Most Nigerians do not consider this, but it is very very important. When you want to rent an apartment, have a positive working plan. Have an idea o how many years you want to spend in the house, This will help you to make a better decision.And help to cut cost.

There are still other factors in determining the size of an apartment to rent but this is basic. Try out these simple steps and get a better result.



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