Most Affordable Apartments for Rent in Ajah

Ajah “ile owo” as it is often called is fast becoming one of Lagos’ most popular locations, in fact, some places in Ajah are now referred to as Lekki Phrase 2. People working in Lagos Island are fast drifting to Ajah. The sophistication level is becoming very high, compared to its stage in the last ten years.

Getting a flat at Ajah can be as cool as getting a flat in other parts of Lagos Island. However, Ajah is a very big place to be. So many people tend to ask questions about accommodation in Ajah.

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The  first answer to such questions is, that there are places in Ajah that are so close to other parts of the Island, and there are places that are so far from the Island. So it’s like two sides of a coin. If you stay in a place as far as Lakowe, it is still in Ajah but it’s at the other end. The truth is, you may still encounter traffic, while going to work or while coming back home from work.

But if you stay at Thomas Estate or Abraham Adesanya, trust me, it’s less challenging. It’s best to stay in New road or Jakande if you work at Lekki. Those places will help relieve you of a lot of stress.

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As the location differs, the cost of renting a flat in Ajah also differs. You cannot get  a bedroom flat at Lakowe and New road for the same amount. I am sure you know why. You can view the most affordable flats for rent in each area in Ajah below;

I will start with Sangotedo. You can get an exquisite apartment at Sangotedo, for one million Naira. Sangotedo is a cool and serene place to live. You have less pressure and it’s located in the middle of the two extremes of Ajah.

Our featured flat in Sangotedo is a 3 BEDROOM FLAT / APARTMENT OPPOSITE FARA PARK.

This property is a lovely 3 bedroom flat with a 1 guest toilet on the down floor a storey building of two tenants in the compound. It’s in a good environment. with fairly good accessible road. All the rooms are tiled. It costs 650,000 for rent annually. This apartment is hotcake.

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The second is Ajah central. You can get a two bedroom flat at an amazing price. This is almost the same as the cost of getting an apartment at the mainland. Check this amazing flat out!!!


This stylish new 2 bedroom flat, is nestled in a fairly tranquil environment with an accessible road network, master bedroom en-suite, all floors are tiled, a kitchen yet to be fitted and ample parking space. 95% completion. The fact that it’s a new building, makes this offer so tempting. Get this amazing flat for just 450,000 NGN.

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The next a 2 BEDROOM FLAT / APARTMENT FOR RENT  AT OGOMBO AJAH. This place is very close to Abraham Adesanya Estate. It is fast developing from a local area to a sophisticated area. In fact, the areas are divided by class. Ogombo is a quiet place to live.

This 2 bedroom flat that is well tiled and has all rooms en-suite and fitted wardrobes. It has a kitchen fitted with cabinets, a guest toilet, and good parking space. This property has a fence and is located in a conducive environment with an accessible road network. There is a caution fee of # 50,000.

I didn’t want to include a mini flat in the list, but this is too tempting to leave out. Our next apartment is located in our special VGC. It’s a luxury MINI FLAT FLAT / APARTMENT FOR RENT V.G.C AJAH. I considered it affordable due to its location and the features of the flat. This mini flat with a room and parlor located in a fairly serene location with an accessible road network. It’s is fully tiled and secured. This apartment is a serviced apartment and it costs 700,000 annually.

I am really excited about this next apartment. It’s is really affordable. It is a 3 BEDROOM FLAT / APARTMENT FOR RENT ADO AJAH LAGOS. This is a beautiful apartment built with elegance and style. It is a clean 3 Bedroom flat (UPSTAIRS) on a paved road inside a mini estate inside Thomas Estate Ajah. This is definitely a place to be. If you need an apartment in Ajah and you love Thomas Estate, don’t hesitate to book an inspection for this flat now.

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I am sure you now have a good idea on how much a flat cost in Ajah. You can access the most affordable apartments in Ajah by clicking on the links to the properties above. You can also access all the properties in for rent in Ajah when you visit our website



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