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Top 10 Most Exceptional Markets in Lagos (UPDATED)

In any society that is conducive for human habitation, a market is very crucial. There are several markets in Lagos, but just a few of them are unique. Balogun market is known for wholesale goods, Alaba market is popular for electronics, Computer Village is the home of ICT (information and communications technology) Accessories, and Mile 12 market is the hub of food items in Lagos. 

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Below is a list of the top 10 most exceptional markets in Lagos. Enjoy reading!


Balogun Market


Balogun market experiences an influx of people from Lagos and other parts of Nigerians on a daily basis. This market is the breadbasket of some families. Those importing goods and reselling the goods meet in the market as early as 5:00AM on particular market days to get goods and resell them. Some traders get to market very early, clear goods from wholesalers, and sell the goods in the same market to make a profit.

You can get almost everything you need here. There are specified sections for goods and services. So, the cloth section is different from provision section, accessory section, and bridal section. This is a major “Asoebi” market for lovers of “Owambe” parties.

Visiting Balogun market may be stressful. But the experience will surely be a memorable one. Here, a lot of people are always on the move. There are also numerous pickpockets in Balogun market.  So keep your purses and your bag safe as you enjoy your shopping experience.

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Oshodi Market


Oshodi is a major location in Lagos. This may be because it functions like a connecting cord to other parts of Lagos. The market’s new location is Isopakodowo after the demolition of the old in Owonifari. The new market accommodates over 600 shops and hundreds of kee Clamps. Asoebi marketers, foodstuffs sellers, and fruit sellers do business in Oshodi.

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The market is believed to be dominated by pickpockets and handbag snatchers. However, a lot of people still shop at the Oshodi market because the goods there are quite affordable.

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 Alaba Market


Alaba International Market stands tall among all organised electronics markets in Africa. It is a popular electronics market in Lagos, located at Alaba, Ojo. The market is also patronised by people from neighbouring countries. Thus, its status as an international market is real. The market is opened on a daily basis except on Sundays and public holidays.

Alaba market consists of over five thousand shops, excluding attachments and sub-shops. More than two million people transact business in this market daily. The market can be accessed from Badagry on the Badagry-Oshodi-Apapa Expressway through Iyana Iba or Volks, and can also be reached from any part of Lagos via Mile 2/Festac Town to Volks.


Jankara Market


Jankara Market is a big and well-known market in Lagos. It is a major hub for locally made goods such as; tie-dyed cloth, trade beads and jewellery to pirate cassettes, pottery, and clothing. The market is believed to be dominated by  Igbo traders.

The market boasts of affordable and competitive prices for goods and services. Visit Jankara market for a memorable shopping experience.


 Tejuosho/Yaba Market

tejuosho market

Formerly a rowdy and disorganised market, Tejuosho market has become an Ultra Modern Market. It prides itself on its beautiful and serene environment. Yet, without rowdiness, only a shadow of the Tejuosho market and Yaba market axis will remain.

Dollar Changers, Gold sellers, Curtain sellers and Clothes sellers dominate this environment. Buying weaves here is also affordable.

The night market gives another bubbling experience. There are a lot of people who seem to be moving around in this place. Traders inviting customers to visit their shops can get passer-by angry at times. Tejuosho market is a place to be but beware of pickpockets!

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Oyingbo market is popular due to the number of transactions that take place there daily. It has established itself as one of the best markets in Nigeria to the extent that a musician added it to the lines of his song. The line read thus “The Oyingbo market misses no one’s absence”. Any day, anytime, the market is usually filled with so many traders and their customers. It is a major foodstuff market in Lagos.


Computer Village


Computer Village is located at Ikeja, Lagos. It is the biggest technology market in Nigeria and in Africa. It is majorly dominated by leading phone sales shops, laptop shops, phone accessories shops, phone repairers and sim activation shops. 

The market is opened on a daily basis except on Sundays and public holidays. The market is a Perfect market in which no dealer influences the price of the product bough or sold within the market. This is due to the healthy competition among dealers. 

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 Mile 12


The Mile 12 market has a reputation for providing affordable and perishable food items in bulk to Lagosians, Nigerians and for importation. The market is about 30 years old and it has been serving people from far and near with so many benefits.

It is located in Ketu Local Government area of Lagos state. Food items sold here include fruits, tomatoes, pepper, onions, yam, yam flour, vegetable and palm oils and other numerous edible food items. Non-edible items are also sold there.

Outside the market are different hawkers. While inside the market, a lot of people move from one section of the market to the other. Save more money when you buy foodstuffs in bulk from the Mile 12 market.

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A number of people may not know Aswani, but is it one of the markets where one can purchase cheap items the most in Lagos. It is located beside the Isolo Local Government Council office. Aswani market prides itself in the sales of fairly used items at ridiculous prices. I mean clothes can be as cheap as 100 NGN here. There are also a number of people that sell new clothing items per yard, bags, shoes, underwears and even foodstuffs. Even you have a damaged electrical equipment or tool (blender or iron) take it to Aswani and you can fix it for as low as 300-500 NGN.

Although the market is opened every day of the week, Mondays are for marketing shoes and bags. The market runs fully on Tuesdays. One can get almost every item needed with ease and at affordable prices in Aswani Market day. If you are in Lagos, and you have never visited Aswani Market, try visiting, even if it is for sightseeing. You will be very glad you did.


Ladipo Market


Ladipo market is the leading spare parts market in Nigeria. The market is the number one hub for mechanics, rewire, car owners and those who want to buy or sell fairly used cars, spare parts, and phones.

The market is central and very popular. It is largely dominated by Ibo traders, who have become professionals. There are a lot of fairly used products in the market.




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