3 Reasons You Should Rent More Than a Self-Contain Apartment

Newly-weds battle with the thought of how many bedroom flats to rent. Some settle for self-contain apartments to save cost before having children, others settle for 2-3 bedroom flats in preparation for their plan to have children.

While none of the categories can be said to be wrong in their decision, I think the consideration of how many rooms to rent should include something more.

The following are my three reasons you should rent more than a self-contain.

For Potential Visitors

You know that situation where you have to vacate your comfortable bed to accommodate your August visitor and you sleep on the rug?  That’s exactly what you get when you fail to factor in the consideration of potential visitors before renting a new apartmentSince your home is your best address for being contacted, you should put into consideration your visitors whenever you have to rent a new apartment.

Instead of a 2-bedroom flat for you and your kids, you should consider renting a 3 bedroom flat to accommodate your potential visitor who could be your mother-in-law or some cherished friends who might come visiting. This would help in making both you and your visitors comfortable.

To Unwind

Do you realise an apartment would be less boring with an extra room which you don’t get to visit regularly? Since, your parlour, dining, kitchen, toilet, bedroom are most likely routinely visited, you would need an extra room to unwind.

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Imagine a room in your flat that you visit once in a month; such room could help for cherished meditations as it brings to you a form of new environment which contributes to creativity. More so, having an extra room can serve as a place away from noise especially when you have to study or meditate.

 For Unforeseen Contingencies

As months and years go by, your properties or belongings are likely to increase. For this, you should cater for the properties you’re acquiring. You don’t want to stock them in your parlour or bedroom as it would reduce your comfort. So, you should consider an extra room or an apartment that is more than self-contain.

So, when next you have to rent or buy a house, don’t forget to put an extra room into consideration.


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