Why relationship and accommodation goals go together

Relationships are all about agreements, focus, and commitment. At the earlier stage, it might be more of emotions, attractions, or passion. However, as it develops into more concrete or possibly a mature stage, some slight issues become crucial and threatens to tear a couple apart. One of such is the issue of where to live.

It could be friendship, courtship or marriage. We all come together in partnership to help one another and to build trust. Friends in Higher Institution may have the need to stay together for an academic session; people in courtship will definitely have the need to stay together after marriage and married people must stay together. However, a lot of challenges arise as a result of preferences, taste, family, cost and location.  

My married friend was in dire need of accommodation for her family. She could afford a three bedroom flat at Isolo, but she couldn’t get a flat of her choice. After a month, she relocated to Iyana Ipaja. The place was good but they had to spend more on transportation, her children also have to learn to adapt to the new environment.

Suddenly, her mother-in-law visited them two weeks later without prior notice. As she walked in, she stared at her like a thief who had just committed a crime. ‘Ekabo ma,’ she greeted her mother-in-law in her language but Mama failed to respond. She walked slowly and quietly to the living room as she wondered what she had done to make Mama so upset. Immediately, Mama started raining curses on her in Yoruba language, claiming that she made her son relocate so that he would be far away from where she stays. She felt so bad and wept uncontrollably. She didn’t get her husband support as well. It ended up in serious Palava and she almost lost her home.

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Finding suitable accommodation in Nigeria can be tedious and it can be a job on its own. It ranges from fraudsters Palava to family Palava and money Palava. In most cases, people lose their valuable relationships, money, and assets in the quest for getting very good accommodation. Notwithstanding, in recent times technology has provided a solution to this challenge.

Getting affordable accommodation in a choice area, with choice facilities is now just a click away. You can now visit Nigeria’s best online real estate site or just click here to get that house of your dream.

Aderinsola Jolaosho


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