Easy Ways to Maximize Office Space as seen in Suits Season 6


Office spaces don’t necessarily have to be massive. In fact, a big company is not defined by the size of its office space. Little wonder Warren Buffet, the third-richest man in the world, is said to have just 25 staff, hence, he doesn’t need a big office space to accommodate that number.

After getting huge funds for investment, some entrepreneurs think that a large office space should be appropriate without considering the maximum number of staff required. This has left many businesses with a form of liability. But, guess what? In the real sense, it’s no liability at all!

If you rent an office space bigger than what you really need, what you should simply do is what Louis of Pearson Specter Litt adopted in episode 3, season 6 of the series, Suits.


They had lost almost all of their staff to a case having to do with employing a false lawyer, Mike Ross. Hence, to make up for liability of unoccupied space and to portray a well-functional company to clients, they decided to rent out office space. Cool idea, isn’t it?

suits season 6 episode 3

What to do

Simply, carve out the excess space and lease it to a start-up or a smaller company.

When you do so you will, of course, save some cost which would be useful for the expansion of your company or business while earning more and, also, portray your business as a big one to potential investors.

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