5 Signs You Need To Buy A Bigger House

Owning a home is practically almost everyone’s dream and when you finally get one it will feel like a dream come true. But there are times when that dream changes and you feel you need to move on up. There was this relative of mine that got himself a 2 bedroom apartment a few months before he got married and he felt at that point the apartment was perfect. But after a few years, he had 2 kids, a relative moved in and he was already doing better at his job, the apartment started to feel a bit cramped and he knew at that point he needed to get something bigger. People tend to buy starter homes as their first home, these tend to be smaller properties with fewer amenities than they’ll need as they grow.  


When you first bought your first taste of real estate, it was ideal for your situation but as things change your home also needs to change. Moving into a bigger home can be about more than extra space. It can be a sign of financial success and stability and can give you a sense of pride at being able to purchase the home of your dreams. But if you need to be sure about buying a bigger house, consider these signs that shows that moving on up makes sense.

1. You need more space

This is obviously the reason to want to move to a bigger space if your current house is just too small for you. If your current living condition barely has enough space for those who live there, let alone the occasional guest then you need to move. Your storage space is too small for your belongings and you are not ready to downsize then it might be time to upsize your home.

2. You’ve got more to spend

If you can afford to buy a new place that is bigger than your current home than you can get a new one. Your current home doesn’t have to be cramped but you can finally afford the type of place you always imagined yourself in. You just need to understand all the costs of moving and living bigger.


3. Your work has changed

In Nigeria Today, people switch jobs and if your work situation changes you might decide to move somewhere else. Maybe your current company is on the other side of town and you now spending a lot of hours a week commuting. Or perhaps you’ve made the move to working from home and need the space for a home office. Whatever changes your career has taken, you want to make sure your current home makes sense.

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4. The market is right

You can decide to get a new property that’s bigger than your current one if the market seems right. You need to understand the market before you do this, as nothing last forever. It might be worth taking the plunge into a bigger house now to take advantage of current rates and home prices.


5. You have different needs

Your current home might not meet your current needs. For example, you might not have been thinking about good schools and some social amenities abut now you have a growing family and that means growing concerns. This could mean wanting to move to a different school district or closer to more kid-friendly amenities.




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