BRT Prices to Increase in February

Accommodation and transportation are two crucial factors that determine the cost of living and standard of living in a particular environment. The Lagos state government keeps making effort to improve the standard of living in the state. Thus, the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) was put in place to create affordable transportation for Nigerians.

However, in view of the recent recession, the BRT may experience a price hike. Primero Transport Services, an operator of the Lagos State Bus Rapid Transit, BRT, scheme, has announced plans to increase its fares on all routes in February.

Fola Tinubu, the company’s managing director in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Ikorodu on Thursday, January 26, said that the increase was as result of its increasing operational cost.

The company has maintained a fare of N75, N120, and N195 from Ikorodu to Mile 12, Fadeyi, and CMS, respectively, since it started operations in November 2015.

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According to him, the company will introduce new fares which will take effect between the end of February and early March. Tinubu said: “We are going to increase our price because of the situation in the country, our cost has just gone through the roof.

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“At this time last year, we bought 1.2 million litres of diesel monthly at N120 per litre, we are now buying at N260; tyres that cost N70,000 each now go for N140,000.“All the parts used for the buses are imported so they’ve all doubled or tripled in price, and we have no choice but to continue to buy them.’’

He said though the company was aware of its social responsibility, but the increase in fares was inevitable if its bus services were to be kept on a sustainable footing.

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On the issue of delays caused during drivers changeover, Tinubu said the company had introduced the Early Riser System to check the menace.

He said: “We send a total of 75 buses out at 4.30 so that when a majority of the busmen are changing over the early risers are still on the wheels.“As time goes on, we may increase to 100 buses so that that way it would completely eliminate 1.30 p.m. – 2.30 p.m. delay issue.”

Will this increase add more burdens to Lagosians? It may be as a result of the present economic recession, but the BRT is like the last hope for most under employed working class Lagosians. How will Lagosians cope with this? Send in your views in the comment box.

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