Tribal Discrimination in Lagos House Hunt

Lagos state has become a state with mixed tribes, although it is originally and mostly dominated by the Yorubas. Today, there are many other tribes within the state such as the Ibos, Hausas, Eguns, and at least a representation of every other tribe in Nigeria.

Considering the dominance of the Yorubas and the quest to reclaim ownership of the state, there has been issues of discrimination even in the area of housing. Most Yoruba landlords have a bias for accommodating Yoruba tenants as against other tribes. 

In my view, this is so inappropriate! I believe it is a beautiful thing to have one state out of the 36 states in the country that can help pull all tribes together, which is what Lagos state is achieving. But with this kind of discrimination, how can this be achieved?

Nigerians, both within and outside Lagos, should be willing to accommodate her fellow man, whether of similar tribes or not. As if the discrimination against blacks abroad is not enough we still create internal discrimination amongst black tribes. How sad!

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It is sad that in this day and age, a Nigerian would so clearly discriminate against and, thus, disregard his own people. However, it is not shocking because there are Nigerians who show a clear disdain for their fellow citizens. The fact that this practice of not renting to Nigerians is not illegal and not prevented by Lagos State and Federal Government authorities suggests that this practice is somewhat acceptable by authorities.

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So, if you’re in the category of discriminating landlords, kindly turn a new leaf! And, if you’re a victim of the house hunt discrimination, share with us your experience below while you keep in mind that helps you connect with the right apartment.


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  1. I am a victim of Yoruba landlords discrimination, being looking for house to rent , not that I’m not seeing good flats but my crime is being of Ibo tribe.

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