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When you visit an e-commerce website in Nigeria and find out how massive it is plus the dynamic service offered and functions it can perform, the next thing on your mind is likely to be that the physical office must be as big, probably, occupying several hectares of land. To surprise you, that’s rarely the case for most such e-commerce firms.

While e-commerce business is a big one, it, however, doesn’t require a very massive office space. Having visited some of the top e-commerce firms in Nigeria, and also seen picture views of others, I can attest to this fact.

In fact, to start an e-commerce business, you should worry less about office space since, in most cases, you only have to attend to customers online. Anyway, just before you think I’m writing to teach you how to start a business, let me hit the nail on its head.

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Recently, one of the top online real estate firms in Nigeria,, decided to renovate its office environment. It started out with a smaller location and afterwards moved to somewhere more accommodating as its staff strength began to rise. is a fast-growing e-commerce firm which began in 2013 with a team of four young guys. Check them out here. Well, these guys still stick together and they’re doing really great. What’s interesting to note is how it transformed from being a home-based business to a classy and modern one. You need to visit the new office as it’s making lots of sense.

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Interestingly, the new office is not new to a new location. It’s simply a renovation of the same one. So, I meant to talk about your apartment and not just office space. If you’re beginning to feel like you’re leaving in a stale environment, who says you cannot renovate like did? Believe me, with some repainting, change of old lighting system, replacement of old chairs etc., your apartment would turn out like a new one.



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