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Top 4 Most Affordable Places to Live in the Lagos Mainland

The break of dawn brings with it a new day. As necessary as it is for the sun to rise and the morning rays kiss the solid earth, so is a roof over the head of a man. Over the centuries, history has lectured us on how seeking for a safe abode has always been of topmost priority for man. Yet, the average Lagosian still suffers pocket deficit when it comes to having a roof over his head. Most times, this is caused by financial crisis or the state of the economy.

A good knowledge of some of the cheapest areas to live in Lagos will ease the tension of Lagosians in choosing a place to live. It will also be a  guide for those intending to relocate to Lagos.

Below is a curated list of the most affordable areas to live on the Lagos mainland. This list contains areas that are pocket-friendly in the Lagos mainland in terms of transportation and accommodation.



Bariga is located at Somolu local government area of Lagos state. It chiefly derives its popularity from being the home of the oldest secondary school in Lagos state, CMS Grammar School Lagos. Living in some streets in Bariga may be rough, yet it is pocket-friendly. If you don’t have a car, some streets in Bariga Church links to the third mainland bridge. So if you work on the Island, and you can’t afford to rent an apartment there due to finances. Consider Bariga as a place that is pocket-friendly enough for you to live. You can get a self-contain apartment for as low as 150,000 NGN in Bariga. The cost of transportation to other parts of Lagos is also affordable. Anyone living in Bariga can travel round Lagos conveniently.

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Mushin has a reputation of a rough, congested, and a poorly maintained area. This is not true. Mushin is located 10 km north of the Lagos city core, adjacent to the main road to Ikeja. This shows that it is strategically located. Apart from this, accommodation in Mushin is highly affordable and transportation is an easy nut to chew. There are also beautiful houses in places like Palm Avenue and Olurunsogo. Those areas are serene and good places to live. The cost of renting a mini flat in Mushin is as low as 150,000 NGN. So if you just got a job at Ikeja, or you work anywhere on the mainland, do not hesitate to relocate to Mushin.



Agege is one of the cheapest places to live in Lagos. It is located under the Ikeja division and it is home to a good number of people working in Ikeja. It also shares boundaries with strategic places in Lagos. Agege is quite big, so while some places in Agege are very affordable, a few areas are moderately affordable, meaning that some areas are not as cheap as others. You can get a two bedroom flat here for as low as 280,000 NGN and a three bedroom flat for as low as 350,000 NGN. So you don’t need to travel too far to cut down your cost of rent.

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Baruwa Ipaja

This area is quite unpopular to so many Lagosians. Baruwa Ipaja is a few kilometres after Iyana Ipaja. For me, it is the cheapest area to live in Lagos in terms of accommodation. Getting an apartment in Baruwa is almost half the price of getting an apartment in any other part of Lagos. To avoid the Lagos traffic, if you work on the Island, you have to leave for work very early in the morning. This way, you get to save money on transportation thus you get more for staying at Baruwa Ipaja.

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