How to get a Bag of Rice at No Cost For Christmas

In Nigeria today, a bag of rice costs a fortune. This is responsible for the mincing attitude of so many families over food. Today,  no more left-over food in the kitchen of families. Everyone takes the portion that they can eat. buying a bag of rice for Christmas now seems like a Camel trying to enter a needle eye. Maybe the present recession is a good lesson for Nigerians. Giving out a bag of rice at no cost is like giving out a parcel of gold.

 Today’s story is about a woman who has lost all hope for existence. Like the woman who wanted to eat her last meal with her son and die afterward. Ugochi was in absolute confusion. As a widow, she has been the only one taking care of her son, Uche, since her husband died. The life of a single mother has not been easy for her. Feeding and clothing her son were real work. Thank God she has a shop to herself. The best she got from her husband’s demise was a bungalow at Ikeja.

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For four years now, she has been using proceeds from her shop to pay her son’s school fees. Her shop was her backbone. But nowadays the weight is getting too much to the extent that her shop is going down on a daily basis. Now she can’t even pay for the shop. Patronage has drastically reduced. She could no longer buy goods to replace the goods she has sold in the shop.

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The big blow came when she has to pay her son’s school fees in August. Her late husband had always paid Uche’s school fees before his school resumes. She had been doing her best in the past four years to pay the school fees. This year, things were just somehow. There is no escape route for her. This brought tears to her eyes.

One day, as he was arranging the remaining goods in her shop in Awolowo road in Ikeja, one morning, a young man came to him. He introduced himself to her as Temi from He told her about a new partnership project with tolet. Ugochi reluctantly agreed because she was in dire need of money.


Getting food to eat is a big deal. Today, she has no grain of rice, beans or garri in the house. She sat in her shop and silently prayed for a customer to come. But what patronage will pay all her bills? It was at this point that Ugochi met Temi.

In a week, she was able to get ten referrals. I don’t know how she did it, but it may be because her shop is in a busy area. She made ninety-eight thousand Naira, from the customers that got apartments from tolet. She was able to pay Uche’s  school fees. She was also able to get a bag of rice which now costs 28,000 NGN at no cost at all. At least, all her burden’s her taken care of.

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Ugochi started working with tolet from that moment and she makes money every week. Now her shop is back to life. She has become a blessing to other widows. She even gives small bags of rice for free to widow. When asked why she gives people rice for food, she answered ” I got a bag of rice at no cost when I needed it most, it’s my responsibility to help other, you can get a bag of rice from your partnership proceeds with tolet. It’s just like it’s free”. She couldn’t hide her joy as she spoke.



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