How to Make Money while on Vacation

As school kids go on vacation and workers on leave, the need to spend your vacation away from where you live may begin to set in. While some individuals and families choose to travel within their state or country of residence, others choose to travel abroad. And, as a matter of fact, travelling abroad can be much fun.

However, travelling abroad requires a lot more expenses than travelling within one’s country. Therefore, it is useful to seize money-making opportunities to save such travelling cost. I found two interesting ways you can save cost on your travelling expenses which are like money-making ventures.

One of such ways is to rent out your home.

Since your home will be currently unoccupied while you’re away, why not rent out your home to offset the costs? Thanks to where you can easily post your property for rent. You can easily connect with travellers who are looking for a place to stay while on their travels.

Keep in mind that tenancy rates will vary based on the location of your home, along with the demand. Do some research in advance and find out what other people are charging for home rentals in your neighbourhood so that you can be competitive.

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My second suggestion is: rent out your parking space

In a city like Lagos with high population and many small businesses on almost every street, there is a rising need for parking spaces for cars.

Therefore, if you have a parking space or have a driveway in a high traffic area, such as near the city centre where events are likely to happen frequently, you can turn that unused spot into a money maker while you’re out of town. is the right place to post anything property and land for sale or rent anywhere in Lagos. Don’t hesitate to seize the opportunity ahead of your next vacation!



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