How to Prepare Your Home For Christmas

Christmas is almost here! Give your home that new and redefined look. With parties and celebrations in mind and taking place in your home, here’s how you can prepare and tidy your home for Christmas;




Your Kitchen;

Whether you are hosting a big family Christmas dinner this year or just a small get-together, get ready! because the kitchen would be the heart of your home during this period. Even though most activities in your kitchen would involve cooking, you still need to tidy up your kitchen, safely and hygienically store your food, keep your glassware, cutlery, and kitchen utensils clean and shiny, clean your fridge by removing any out-of-date food. Decluttering your fridge also means you have enough room to store food and drinks.

When inviting your friends and family over, note that no one would want their drinks served in a dirty, cloudy-looking glass, so make sure you clean up your glassware before your guests arrive. An easy way to do this is to rinse the outside of the glass with vinegar.

Your Bathroom;

One of the main things you can do during a pre-Christmas cleanup is to keep your bathroom as clean and as hygienic as possible. Also, try to maintain a high level of cleanliness all through the festive period. Not only will your bathroom be used more as you entertain family and friends, but maintaining a clean bathroom area is vital to prevent the spread of germs.

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Guest Bedroom(s)

Even if you’re not expecting guests over the festive period, you should always expect the unexpected at Christmas. Whether it is friends or family turning up unannounced, you may end up with more guests than you bargained for, hence the need to be prepared. This means you should make sure that your guest bedroom is ready to receive guests at a moment’s notice. Clean the room, change the sheets to clean and fresh ones, freshen it up with some nice air fresheners, which is particularly important if you don’t tend to use this room very often. Rooms that are left unoccupied for long periods can gather dust, making them quite musty. Make a space in the wardrobes, or in a set of drawers, that your guests can use. If they are planning to stay for a few days, you don’t want them living out of a suitcase all through their stay. Make sure you clean out the wardrobes first, as these can be ideal breeding grounds for molds.

Living Room;

Your living room is the first room your guests are most likely to see. It is the center of attraction during the festive season. Prior to the big day, you may want to keep your carpets, tiles or rug clean, dust the rooms as well as keep your living room nicely scented.

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Now that you have cleaned your house and it smells good, the next step is to figure out the decorations. Some of the most affordable ways to decorate your home in preparation for the Christmas cheer include;


Set up the lights. If you already have lights, use them; if you don’t wish to use the existing lights, or you want something different, you can always go to a store to get some new ones. There are no right or wrong lights, it’s just a matter of personal taste. After getting the lights, you need to figure out what you may want to do with them. Are you stringing them up just around the room or only on the Christmas tree? Also, be sure to buy plenty of light hooks and nails while you are out

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Put up the tree

What is Christmas without a Christmas tree? Every home needs a Christmas tree, no matter how little. Put the lights on the tree first, wrapping them in and out of the branches to achieve a fully “lit-up” look. Next, comes the ornaments you might want to put on the tree. Keep in mind that, decorating as a family, where everyone pitches in, can be so much fun. Don’t forget to put the tree topper on. This could be a star or an angel, it all depends on you

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Other decorations

You can put up other decorations on the walls or the door. You do not want to go overboard though as too many decorations can make your house look like the haunted house of Christmas past. Simplicity is everything!

Buy the presents

Make a list of who you’re buying for and what you are buying them and check twice Make sure the cost of each gift will fit into your budget before you do any shopping. Once you have bought the presents, wrap them up! Don’t forget the tag saying who each present is for! Then put them under the tree. If you have children, it’s best not to put any presents for them under the tree until some hours to Christmas. If you have aunts, uncles, other relatives, friends, or neighbors coming by that you’ve shopped for, put their gifts under the tree. Presents under the tree make your home look very Christmasy.

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  1. Thanks for these wonderful christmas preparation ideas, as most of our houses are only based in preparing the Living Room and forget other places like Bathroom and Guest Room.

    And the best part i liked is the idea of buying presents.. Christmas is not only about celebrating the born day of Jesus but also celebrating the way we live among ourselves. Its best to buy gifts for our loved ones.. aunts, uncles, other relatives, friends, or neighbors.

    Thanks for the great post.

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