9 Signs Your Bathroom Needs An Upgrade

With several, different home renovations you can choose from to update your space and with limited funds available, many homeowners have to prioritize the projects that are most important to them. However, just a little effort can make a huge difference in what could possibly be the most underrated room of the house, your bathroom, and end up transforming this functional space into a spa-like luxury. If it’s been a while you showed your bathroom some love or you are unsure a bathroom update is what your apartment or home really needs, here are 9 signs that it’s time to remodel your bathroom;


1. When it stops been photogenic

Spend some time in observing the condition of your bathroom, this is the best way to decide when it’s time to remodel. While a few scuff marks on the walls can be easily overlooked, a flaking paint job, dirty walls, cracking tiles, rusting showers and bathroom utilities won’t exactly make your bathroom appear photogenic, hence the need to update your bathroom look


2. Outdated colors

Archaic color palettes should be the most noticeable signs that your bathroom is not trendy. You can use white, grey and even black colors to give your space a classier feel. Good pairing of colors can also go a long way in beautifying your bathroom space

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3. Bad layout

A poor bathroom layout is another indicator that it is time for an upgrade. Throw in some fresh towels, a nice small rug, a big mirror (to make your space appear bigger), update the rusty bathroom utilities, introduce new and light window drapes, be creative with hooks on the walls (for alternative storage). The best bathrooms create a spa-like atmosphere and they also make you look forward to showering or bathing. If your bathroom feels claustrophobic, it may be time for a remodel. You can change the layout so it feels more open and enjoyable in this space.


4. When it starts to smell like a “bathroom”

If you enter your bathroom and you are met with that nasty or old bathroom smell, its time for a serious upgrade. Fixing a persistent sink leak, adding better ventilation to a bathroom, introducing scents and flowers can sure create a fresher smelling experience

5. When there are leaks

When there are brown water stains in your bathroom as a result of leaks from your faucet, toilet or shower, it is definitely time to make repairs and updates. Keep in mind that not all leaks/drips are visible, so make sure you look for mold near the edges and corners of your shower and bathtub.

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6. When there is Poor Lightning

The lighting of your bathroom should not be so harsh that you or your guests get blinded by it. It also shouldn’t be so dim that you can barely see yourself in the mirror. Get better light fixtures and brighter (but not harsh) light bulbs to step up your bathroom game.


7. When it’s sense of style is old

Say you still have a wallpaper hanging around from decades past, your bathroom is due for an update. If you want to go with a wallpaper instead of painting, go for the trendy yet simple wallpapers that are making a comeback. Don’t go overboard with wallpapers that just have so much going on as it could make your bathroom appear tacky. Decorating your bathroom in a nice and classy way may just be all you need.

8. When you start having storage problems

This calls for serious action. The simple solution when having storage issues in your bathroom is to install shelves, hooks and rails to declutter your space. Not only do these help in maximizing your bathroom space, it could also help spruce up the place depending on how creative you are about it.

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9. When your bathroom starts to lack functionality

The faucet doesn’t work, the sink is broken, there’s no toilet seat, the flush doesn’t work anymore. Need I say more? It is the right time for a change. You can always repair these damages or buy new ones for an overall remodel of your bathroom. Desiring changes in your bathroom’s functionality is a great reason to remodel.

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