iPhone 7 for Nigerians

Apple has released the next generation iPhone at its annual event in San Francisco yesterday – the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7s. Its distinct features are – a pressure sensitive home button, better camera, a fast processor and improved battery life, and as well as having no headphone jacket. It also has improved dust and water resistance. Ranging from 32GB model to 128GB model and 256GB model, the new iPhone 7 has come to stay.

The good news is that there are usually pre-orders for Apple products especially the Apple iPhone around the world. Nigerians are also part of this. Ironically, some Nigerians would start saving up to be part of the pre orders.


Africa, of course, is a home for luxurious imported products as expensive tech products get a big market in Africa. Nigeria and Africa at large usually serve as a dumping ground for high-quality tech products without producing that least one product the world craves for, this is indeed a sorry story.

According to statistics, for 2016 the number of smartphone users in Nigeria is estimated to reach 15.5 million of the 2.6 billion smartphone users in the world. Also, Apple’s market share of smartphone vendors worldwide is 16.2% following Samsung’s 31.3% share of all shipments as of 2013. Nigeria ranks 17 in the global smartphone usage. This is rather sad for a country which ranks 33 most corrupt country in the world.


Some Nigerians jump at every new version of phones without understanding the features it performs. Some of those who have iPhone 6s will start having the headache on how to get the new iPhone 7s. The desperation for phones has led many Lagos girls to a journey of no return. Funny enough they don’t fully understand the features of iPhone 6s. I am sure some people are waiting for the London use, okay wait.

iPhone which was manufactured as far back as 2007 upgrades it’s version every year especially in September to meet up with the end of the year peak sales. I think Nigerians should strive towards achieving excellence rather than celebrating luxury. Even some university girls and boys who have no job, whose parents still live in one room apartments use iPhone 6 which worth 192,000 NGN. Then I wonder why they cannot help their parents with the funds.

Two days ago, a friend told me about a young adult, who saved the money he made from work to buy his parents, who were living in a room and parlour self-contain, a piece of land at Ibadan, today, they live in their own house. This may definitely sound unacceptable or annoying to some Nigerians, but the truth is that it is time for Nigerian youths to start thinking big.

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Interestingly, the cost of iPhones drops as soon as an upgraded one is manufactured. We can actually invest our funds in businesses we can get returns, rather than buying goods that would depreciate. It just so interesting that there are some places in Lagos where one can get a good two bedroom flat for less than two hundred and fifty thousand naira. I am not against anyone buying the new iPhone, the phone is definitely meant to be used, but before you buy one, be sure that you have a good accommodation and at least a car.

Even ToLet.com.ng  invites Nigerians to invest in better apartments instead of a new phone. Invest in accommodation which is one of the basic human needs, rather than invest in a phone today. Life is good but please spend your money wisely.


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