Make Your Home Have An Electrifying Lighting

I hate travelling especially when I have to drag my 5 years old daughter along with me. Have you ever spanked your child for asking too many questions? Shola asked me why the sky was blue once, and I swear I almost passed out. We went to visit a cousin who won’t stop asking me to come over so she could throw her beautiful house in my face. Shola‘s questions about chandeliers during our visit to my cousin’s made me develop interest in them;

“Mum, mum, mum, what is this big raindrop that is about to fall on my head

It is making my eyes turn, Mum!”

I ran out from my cousin’s room, frustrated and amused at the same time. It was just a chandelier!

Beautiful Crystal Chandeliers

Beautiful Crystal Chandeliers

Your chandelier can even be shaped in a gun

Your chandelier can even be shaped in a gun

Make your house look like a forest with the shadow chandelier

Make your house look like a forest with the shadow chandelier

Chandeliers are a great addition to just about any room, but knowing what size is best and how high to hang them can be really tricky.

You can spend anywhere from a hundred to several thousands of  Naira on a chandelier and choose from a wide range of styles. There are some guiding principles to help you choose. First is style: when in doubt, keep very close to the period and architectural style of your house.

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Measure the room dimensions in feet and add them together to find the suitable diameter in inches. For instance, a room that’s ten feet by twelve feet would look great with a twenty-two-inch chandelier.  It should measure roughly a third of the width of the room and hang thirty inches above the floor, centered in the room.

While it will be the focal point, don’t count on the chandelier as the only or major light source in the room. Other forms of lighting such as recessed lights or table lamps will help light the room more effectively and give the room more life.


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