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4 Types Of Modern Shoe Rack Design

According to Hudson Blecker, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a fabulous pair of shoes” and the popular Cinderella story made us realise that “a new pair of shoes can change your life”. Even if you can’t afford a new shoe you can still make the old one feel better with nice accessories. The right storage option helps keep shoes neatly organised and leaves enough space in the room for other activities.


Shoe racks are definitely the best ways to avoid shoes and boots littering around the house. Shoe racks are the best for organising your foot wears and avoid scratch damages and tears. Shoes are a perfect signature to one’s overall attire. Footwear if not properly organised may take up space in your living space. Shoe racks, been a storage solution, helps to maximise your living space by arranging your footwear in an organised manner. Choosing the best type of shoe racks that satisfy your need require careful decision-making this is because shoe racks come in different styles, shapes and made with a variety of materials.

Check 4 Types Of Modern Shoe Rack Design below;


Shoe Cabinet

shoe cabinet

Shoe cabinets are used for storing plenty of shoes in your room and still gives a lot of space as well. Shoe cabinets are similar to a narrow chest of drawers in size but often manufactured with cabinet doors on the front with installed shelves inside for keeping your shoes. Shoe cabinets can be easily matched to the room decor, hold a lot of shoes and can be alternatively used to store other items.

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Safely hidden away, they hide your shoes from outside and give your room a minimalist and clean look.

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Shoe Storage Bench

shoe storage bench

Shoe storage benches are a popular way to store shoes, especially for an entryway because it primarily serves two purposes at the same time. Shoe storage benches basically are meant for storing shoes and can be used as a seat when putting on or taking off your shoes. The two types of shoe storage benches are simple storage and the second type with grid cubby holes. Simple storage benches are used for storing shoes and other items such as backpacks and gloves while the second type has a grid of cubby holes that can hold a pair of shoes.

Shoe Storage Rack

shoe storage rack

Shoe racks are set of tiered shelves that sit close to the floor and can be used to store pairs of shoes in a small area of your room. Shoe racks can be used n different area of the house such as the laundry, living room, entryway or bedroom and are manufactured in a variety of materials like wood, metal, and plastics. Shoe racks are advisable for a room with small space and can be available in two or more tiers stacked on each other. The two types of shoe racks design are the closed and the open shoe rack. The closed shoe rack is preferable for areas with much traffic and if you don’t want your footwear to be open.

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Overdoor Shoe Rack

overdoor shoe rack

Over door shoe rack is one of the best alternatives in shoe storage options for smaller apartments. An over-door shoe rack can be hung over a closet, bedroom or bathroom door with slots where you can easily tuck in your shoes or knobs for hanging your shoes. This type of shoe storage can’t be used for entryway or open spaces but are the best deal for small apartments.

Shoe storage is a versatile household item that can be used to store all type of footwears such as shoes, boots, rain boot, slippers and other accessories like gloves or backpacks. Shoe racks are manufactured in various styles such as the stackable, extendable, hanging, wall mounted, under the bed, free-standing or even floating shoe racks with materials like wood, polymer, metal, stainless steel and plastic depending on the available space and user preferences. Consider the above-listed highlights to enable you to choose the best shoe rack design for your apartment.


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