Things Your Landlord won’t tell you about his House

Deji woke from his sleep terrified. He wasn’t sure if he was awake, or he was still dreaming. He was sweating profusely. NEPA have not given them light for two weeks, so it was so dark and so hot – really hot. He picked up his towel by side of his bed to clean his body. The mattress was soaked with his sweat. He was very tired. He turned to the other side of the bed to continue his sleep.

This time, it was more horrifying. He felt the water in his mouth, hopping out of the bed to find nothing. Maybe the night flyers, that shared the room with him are on a rampage. They do that every day. His unwelcome roommates. He finds them in his soup; in his wardrobe; on his table and even in his pocket. These creatures called cockroaches are a constitute a big burden to Deji. He has never been in such a difficult situation.

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Now he didn’t even know if he is sleeping or awake. He wished they would stop disturbing his peace. He was in a dilemma. He had moved into Mr. Amadi’s house, for two weeks and he never had peace. Even after paying a two-year rent to his landlord before moving in. He just can’t have peace as he was a shadow of what he used to be.

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His environment, Ishagatedo in Isolo was a rural area – agreed. He has a lot of razz people around – agreed. And so many burial grounds – yes. But what does this have to do with him? He is just a bachelor who came on transfer from work all the way from Rivers.

Truth be told, he wouldn’t have rented this kind of apartment, or have any business in this environment, if he came to inspect the building. Considering his calibre as a corporate person. he would love to stay in a cool environment with a decent compound, not in this dungeon he found himself.

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His landlord didn’t tell him that Osime his cousin had paid half of the money he sent for the apartment, he simply agreed to share the proceeds with Osime. And now, when he sleeps every night, he dreams of ghost or strange footsteps. That might have just been part of his imaginations.

Tonight is the most terrible of all. The footsteps were loud, his uninvited neighbours were not there. He seemed to be in a world of his own. It was as if he was in a graveyard. A tall man in black came with a knife, his voice sounded as if he was crying. He shouted at Deji,” what are you doing in my house”. Deji was so terrified. He woke up again. He had been dreaming.

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It was 2:00am, he couldn’t sleep till daybreak. Out of frustration, he searched for apartments for rent in Lagos, on Now, he didn’t mind paying for another apartment. He would never spend one more night in that house. He got a serviced apartment on a short let at Ikoyi, where he passed the night. The next day, he moved into the two-bedroom flat apartment he rented from His joy knew no bounds. At least he was out of his bondage.

“Your landlord won’t tell you the negative things about his house, he won’t tell you about fraud issues with the agent, only present you with accurate facts and figures”- he said. The smile on his face radiated like the sun.



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