The Top 11 Places To Eat Amala in Lagos

Nigerian food is great. It’s hard to argue with this statement if you’ve ever had amala with gbegiri plus ewedu and lots of goat meat (ogufe). If you don’t like amala, I feel bad for you because you have absolutely no idea the kind of joy that eating can bring. It’s like heaven, winning the lottery, marrying the love of your life, and having your first child all rolled into one. No matter where you are on the globe, a plate of Amala immediately reminds you of home (especially if you’re Yoruba). I could go on and on extolling the virtues of this great local delicacy. If you haven’t eaten Amala before and are intent on trying it out, the right first Amala experience is key. You should try out Amala and gbegiri at any of these 11 amazing spots in Lagos.


  1. Olaiya, Surulere


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The secret to the ever-present crowd at the Olaiya canteen in Surulere has been passed down from one generation to another. Whatever it does not matter much to us amala lovers, as long as they keep serving us wonderful amala gbigbona with ewedu plus gbegiri and lots of soft chunky kpomo. There’s also a branch in the University of Lagos but the ‘real Olaiya experience’ is in Surulere.

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2. White House, Yaba


Photo Credit: White House

Yaba has been hailed as Nigeria’s Silicon Valley and as is the nature of things, even coders need to eat. A personal favourite of most who work in the area, White House is very affordable and serves very delicious amala. If you’re ever in the Yaba area, roll up your sleeves, wash your hands and dig into an exquisite plate of amala from the world famous White House.

3. Iya Eba, Onikan


Photo Credit: Ade Sotoyinbo Instagram

Lagos Island is home to some of the best local food spots in the country and this small buka on Berkely street has earned its reputation as far back as the 80s. Their signature amala + ewedu dish often leaves one wondering about the name of the buka and how apt it is.

4. Belgium Canteen, Mile 2


Photo Credit: Foodie NG Instagram

Forget the foreign sounding name, these folks know how to dish the best of the local. You may have to wait your turn though cause lunchtime at Belgium is reminiscent of rush hour traffic.

5. Defence Car Park Canteen, Marina


Photo Credit: Foodie in Lagos

Marina is home to the men and women in ties and suits. Those ties come down when it’s time to eat the more commonly known Amala First Bank. Don’t forget to take off your jacket cause the hot soft amala and tasty goat meat will have you sweating in no time. Their staff are always on hand to meet your demand and make sure you’re back at the office before your lunch break is up.

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6. Amala Yahoo, Ogudu-Ojota


Photo Credit: Foodie in Lagos

Yahoo in Nigeria rarely has positive connotations but be rest assured, this isn’t a hub for scammers. The food is delicious, the ambience is great and the location is quaint. Its popularity has grown in the past few years and you may need to wait a while whenever you get there before you get a chance to taste the goodness.

7. Amala Canada, Ebute-Metta


Photo Credit: Mt Active Kitchen

Canada has its maple syrup, Canada Villa in Ebute-Metta has its Amala Canada. The food is great and should leave you wanting to eat amala every day.

8. Yakoyo, Ilupeju


It’s not just food with Yakoyo, it’s an eating exhibition. Taste and service designed to ensure you keep coming. Their special “meat cutting” feature means you never have to worry about splashing soup in your eyes or on your clothes because of their well seasoned assorted meat. You can also order yours with catfish instead of meat if you want to switch things up a bit.

9. TopShot Amala, Parkview


Photo Credit: Bella Naija

This is one of the more luxury residential estates in Lagos and it’s only right it has its own top-notch Amala spot. If you live in Ikoyi, TopShot is an amala lover’s dream. It’s a tad expensive but you’re definitely gonna get value for your money.

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10. Sonola, Ogba

canada-beautiful-nigeria amala

Photo Credit: Beautiful Nigeria

Those who know, know. Not quite as heralded as the other spots on this list, it won’t take much to know why it’s one of my faves once you taste the amala and gbegiri. Don’t forget to bring a friend along next time you go, everyone deserves happiness.

11. Amala Shitta, Surulere


Photo Credit: Ofadaa

Surulere no dey carry last. Amala Shitta has over 40 years in the business and doesn’t intend to stop giving us delightful local delicacies. It’s also a wonderful spot to unwind with friends as you let your taste buds transport you to another realm.

If you wanna eat at all these wonderful bukas, you shouldn’t have to travel miles to your destination. Get a house with at a location close to your preferred buka and eat all the amala you want.


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