The Ultimate Guidelines For Moving Out!

Moving can be a hassle! Whether you’re moving across the street or across the country, moving out entails a lot of work. However, there are ways to minimise the stress, confusion, and damage that often comes with moving from one home to another.

If you are contemplating moving to a new house or apartment anytime soon, here are some ways you can make the move easier:

 1. Prepare

Make your arrangements several weeks ahead of time. Except you have friends or family who would love to help you with the move, a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approach may be exhausting and time-consuming.

Moving is not something you should do alone, not to say it is impossible, but it can be a stressful experience. Moving with friends is a lot more fun with everything easier and faster. Hence, you need to run the idea by them in advance so as to figure out a convenient time for everyone. Leaving things to the last minute would involve rushing and possibly encroaching on their set schedules. Also, make sure you get packing supplies like boxes and tapes on time.

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2. Start packing well in advance

Packing at the dying minute can be a disaster!  Ensure you pack weeks in advance. Pack up everything you can live without until you are officially moved into your new place. You can start by boxing up the items you don’t use often and leaving out the functional items you need every day till the very end. Your functional items would most likely be the first thing you unpack in your new house so when you get around to finally packing them, keep them boxed up or in a clear nylon bag(s) so you know what and where they are.

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3. Declutter

Moving is the perfect time to declutter.  Get rid of unwanted or unused items by giving them out to friends or neighbours. For unwanted clothes, you can donate them to charity too. This process can be used to reduce the load been taken to the new house. By getting rid of needless items as you come across them, you will ensure that you have less to unpack at the new place.


4. Fragile items

Fragile items like dishes, glassware, stemwares and other breakables should be packed with care. Before boxing them up, wrap them with clothes or old newspapers to reduce the possibility of damage.

Speaking of dishes, if you’re packing plates in a box, insert them vertically, they a lot less likely to break that way. Place stemware upside down as this puts all the pressure on their large rims instead of their fragile stems and they are also less likely to break that way.


5. Pack in layers.

When boxing up your items, pack in layers. Put the heaviest items on the bottom and the lighter ones on top. And make sure each box is sealed tightly.

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6. Labels

Consider packing by room so unpacking is easier. For instance, your kitchen box should have all kitchen items inside then label the boxes informatively so you can easily identify the boxes when you get to your new home. When you are done with the packing, number all the boxes and record the total. This way, it is easy to keep track and know if any box goes missing.


7. Keep important papers with you.

If you have important documents like legal papers, contracts, passports, put them in a single envelope and carry it on you when you move

8. An overnight bag

You should have an overnight bag with all your personal items and a fresh change of clothes ready for the day you want to move

9. Take pictures.

Especially if you are moving out of a rented apartment, take pictures just before you leave to serve as photographic evidence in an event of property damage

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