Tips for Setting Up Your Dining Room

When food is ready, the dining room is the place to go. In modern homes, the dining room is usually adjacent to the kitchen for ease of serving the meal. Meal time is bonding time in many families. This is why more attention has to be placed on this part of the house. How should the layout be? How should it be designed?

These are some general tips to help you set up your dining room to make it more comfortable and homely.

  • Add pattern to your wall with the painting. It’s your home, you need not follow the conventional. Make a statement in your dining room with bold, complementary colours. You can also use wallpaper with different designs. There is a range of bold, floral designs available if you know where to look.
  • Lighting is very important in the dining room. Penetration of natural light helps create a light, free atmosphere. You should also place artificial lighting at multiple places. You make the dining room appear more modernized by combining the lighting with natural furnishings.
  • You can beautify the dining area more by setting up a shelf and displaying a favourite collection of dishes. This adds statement to the dining area.
  • Don’t forget the ceiling. Add architectural details, paint a unique design or do both. You can also hang a chandelier. It’s in the dining room people often hang a chandelier, although it can be in other rooms of the house.
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  • Rugs are known to bring warmth and comfort to a room. An area rug in the living room will make the space cozier.
  • Add something that’s unique to you to the dining room. What kind of artworks do you love? What kind of design meets your taste? Do you listen to music in this room? If so, where will you house the stereo and music? These are questions to consider in order to make the room homely. 

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If your dining room space is small, not to worry, there are tips for maximising the space. Firstly, to start the process of decluttering your dining room space, there are questions you need to ask yourself.

  • How many people need to sit comfortably to eat?
  • What needs to be stored elsewhere and what needs to fit in?
  • What type of dining do you do? (Formal / informal)


  • Swap chairs for a bench. You can sit two, or even three people on it. And when it’s not in use you can put it under the table. This frees up floor space.
  • Leave the table open ended. Pull in chairs from another room only when you need to seat more people.
  • Remove rugs if the space is small.
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  • Consider the furniture required in the dining room. Do you want open or closed shelving? Is there a need for storage in the dining table? Since the major goal is to maximise your space while still making it beautiful and homely, you should get furniture that is suitable for your needs.
  • Since the space is quite small, instead of having a shelf to display glassware, you may instead place a bookshelf there. This way, the dining room can also double as a study.



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