What Makes Lagos a Megacity

Ahh Lagos, three words come to mind. Business, pleasure, and traffic. It would be a gross injustice to leave out the latter. This city is characterized by its vigour and an intensely motivating atmosphere. Everyone seems to be going somewhere fast, always on the move, always on the go. Irking to leave their footprints on the earth of this gorgeous city. Sometimes if you listen close enough on a typical Monday morning rush, you could hear the pounding hearts of men and women who have to somehow get somewhere in time. The combination of these heartbeats is what make Lagos the blood supply of the nation. The center of excellence it is called, but if the nation was human, Lagos would make up its entire circulatory system. If the nation was a cup of coffee, this city is the cream that has risen to the top. This amazingly beautiful abode has a way of seducing even the most ardent pessimist into believing that virtually anything is possible.

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Lagos prides itself as a megacity primarily because of its location. One of the major seaports in the country is situated in this city due to its strategic location. Since Lagos is bordered by a tributary of the Atlantic ocean, it makes its location best suited for the importation.

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As the cargo ships from overseas kiss the city’s shores and are offloaded into the business districts of Lagos, its economy receives strength to help it retain megacity status as well as become one of the primal cities in Africa. International business owners have also been endeared to this city as a result of its business-friendly location. Most businesses, local and international prefer to site their business headquarters in Lagos because of the ease with which business can be done. In this wise, the city would be a wise choice to settle in, by either buying or renting a property because of its location as well as the benefits that accompany it.


It is popular opinion that a city is only as great as its inhabitants. While numbers can be termed irrelevant in certain areas of Discuss, like the age gap between a couple or the number of years it took some persons to stop bedwetting. It can never be ruled out when mentioned in topics bordering on the labour force of a city. The population of a city’s working class largely accounts for its economic prowess and stability.


The population of Lagos contributes a great quota to its megacity status. In light of the above, real estate entrepreneurs have intensified the business of providing affordable housing for both low, medium as well as large income earners living in the city of Lagos. The real estate market is continually on the rise in the city. This will eventually give room for more competition in this sector, thereby promoting the availability and affordability of properties that will cater to the ever-increasing population of Lagos.⁠⁠⁠⁠ And here we are, calling on the as many Lagosians as possible to join the train of the best online real Estate portal in Nigeria “ToLet.com.ng“. Here we work with the vision of the mega city. Don’t be left out, visit our website now.


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