Top 5 New Year Resolutions That Will Add Value to You

“It’s a new year, so it should be a new me” that is the whole essence of new year resolutions. Unfortunately, some of these resolutions die half way into the year. Thus, many people end the year without achieving their goals. Some top new year resolutions that keep coming up annual are only met by a few people all year long. There are even common new year resolutions that people make annually but fail to achieve them in reality. Even the unique new year resolutions become unrealistic in a short time. There are some new year resolutions that can transform your finances and give you that kind of height you desire to attain. Have you considered that?


Remember that every year passed can never be regained again, just as there cannot be another 2016. So let’s look at the top five new year resolutions that will add value to your life.

Character is the ability to carry out a good resolution long after the excitement of the moment has passed

-Cavett Robert

  1. Financial Resolution
  2. Investment Resolution
  3. Relationship Resolution
  4. Real Estate Resolutions
  5. Health Resolutions


Financial Resolutions

This is a key factor that determines the height of an individual in the Nigerian society. You need to get realistic tips of how to manage your income. Account for ever Kobo that comes into your hand. Spend diligently. Cut down every frivolous spending. Know what you want.

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Have an identity with money. Let people know who you are, that you will not buy certain things they bring to you. Because you don’t need them. They may not like you at first, but they will respect you for it later. I found it very difficult to understand this two years ago, but this principle saved me from unnecessary worries last year.

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Always make a list of how you will spend your money. It will thrill you that your income that seems to be very fat is only little when you take out your expenses. In fact,  it may not be sufficient. So write down what your needs. Don’t forget to add a specific amount for savings to the budget.

Investment Resolutions

Make up your mind to build a little empire with your finances, no matter how small it is. This may be very difficult especially for Nigerians because the times are hard due to the recession, but do you know that this is actually the best time to invest? You can invest in a piece of land. Start by paying in instalments. You can also invest in a small business to add to your financial gains. Palm oil business is not bad. I mean you can buy palm oil in nearby villages (farms) and sell for double in cities.  But in all, make sure you are investing in something very tangible, realistic, and profitable. Remember the watchword for this year is;

Let nothing be lost

Relationship Resolution

What are the things that add to your happiness, look for people that contribute to it. Have you been heartbroken severally in the previous year? Don’t thrive on that. Be happy. Seek relationships that will add to your general well being. Look for people that will add value to your life. Strive to come out of wrong and abusive relationships. Even if that is the only thing you can achieve. Be driven by value. I know it is difficult but you will be glad you did.

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Healthy relationships are not parasitic. On the other hand, unhealthy relationships give you an extra burden to deal with. Healthy relationships connect you with those that will bring value to your life. What about giving to others? Yes. It is a way of adding to your joy, by giving others a reason to be happy.

Real Estate Resolutions

So why do I need to make real estate resolutions? You ask. You need to make some real estate resolutions. Because real estate is part of our daily life. Where you live matters. There are still a lot of untapped opportunities in the Nigerian real estate sector, so look inwards. If you don’t like your present location, you can choose a better location. This will help you in choosing your work, and the relationships that you are in touch with.

Since real estate is about buying, renting, and selling of tangible assets, who knows? Investing in real estate may be your next pot of gold. Don’t you think so? This will add value to you in a multiplied effect.

Health Resolutions

Have you ever made up your mind to live healthy, eat healthy, work in a healthy environment and engage in an exercise routine? Then start it now.

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You need so much discipline when it comes to eating. I am personally guilty of this because I eat a lot of junks discarding the fact that I am petite and only plus-sized people should watch their weight. I have discovered that this is not true because there will always be consequences for not eating right.


There are a lot new year resolutions to be made. Most of them are personal. Look inwards, there’s something you wish could be different in the way you do things. Make amends, so that this year can be different. Then your year can be unique and fun filled. You will be happy you made that decision.


Let investing in real estate be one of your new year resolutions. Visit today to invest in real estate or to rent a better apartment in Nigeria. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!



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