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4 Fantastic Bar Stools for your Tabletops

There are those days when what you need is a tall chair to comfortably sit and have a cup of coffee or to work conveniently in the kitchen, bar stools have a cushioned seat that is comfortable to sit on when using a raised table or countertop.  The height and narrowness of bar stools make them suitable for use at high tables, they also allow for a higher view when eating, drinking or socializing and often come with a footrest to allow your feet to rest comfortably.  


Barstools are of various designs; backless bar stools don’t have backs which makes them very compact and suitable for small spaces but barstools that have backs are of different types like high back, low back, curved back, ladder back, cross back, and solid back. They can come with 4 legs, 3 legs or with a pedestal and can be designed to have neither armrest nor padding or to have them.

Below are 4 fantastic bar stool for your tabletops


1. Basic bar stools

basic bar stools

Due to their simplicity and space conserving capabilities, they remain popular in many homes and give your space an ordered look since they are free from complexities. They are of different designs but do not offer some features that can make them more interesting to sit on. They are cool for those who just need a comfortable bar stool for their tabletops and counters.

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2. Adjustable height bar stools


These give you the option of adjusting the height of the stool to make it taller or shorter to your desired height, it is important to check the range at which it adjusts to ensure it can meet your needs. Adjustable bar stools are good for those that have kids to enable easily get on and off the stool without assistance, it can also be adjusted as they grow older to more suitable heights.


3. Swivel bar stools


Swivel stools can either come with wheels or without them, they are designed to allow the stool to rotate to the left and the right either to the extent of 180 degrees or 360 degrees swivel. They allow easy movement without having to move your whole body while conversing with other people or while working on your countertop or tabletop. When choosing swivel barstools, ensure there is enough space between stools to facilitate movement.

4. Folding bar stools


Bar stools that are foldable allow for easy storage because they can be easily folded and removed from the way; they are very compact which makes them suitable for those who just need a bar stool from time to time and not a regular basis. When extra seating is needed, they can simply be brought out of storage and placed around the table preventing clutter when they are not needed.  

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swivel and adjustableAdjustable height bar stools that can swivel are very functional and will be a nice addition to your bar, kitchen counter or anywhere you want to use them because the height can easily be adjusted to what is comfortable for you and you can easily spin the stool if you need to grab something that is close. Measuring the height of your counter or tabletop is important in helping you get the right bar stool.



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