5 Different Types Of Home Flooring

Flooring is the permanent covering of a floor, while floor covering is the material that was applied to the floored surface. Flooring materials is an important element of flooring plans for any type of buildings. The type of house flooring makes a significant appearance in the room and dictates the owners status. Most housebuilders are necessary for choosing the type of flooring materials when making the flooring plan.


The tow types of house floor plans are custom and pre-drawn plans. Choosing between the two available choices depends on the house owners budget and size of the house as well as the amount of usage. People often conclude that pre-drawn floor plans are way better than custom floor plans, the under listed types of floor plans will help you choose better when choosing your floor plans.

Check 5 Different types of House Flooring Plans below;


1. Ceramic Flooring

ceramic flooring

Ceramic flooring is one of the most popular house flooring plans commonly used in modern houses. Ceramic tiles are waterproof, can be used in any parts of the house such as the toilets, bathrooms, countertops, living rooms and kitchen. It is advisable to buy ceramic tiles made from porcelain due to its scratch and damages resistant features. If not properly maintained ceramic tiles can be difficult to clean. Ceramic tiles are being considered mostly for their versatility as it can be used in every part of the house and even on walls. Ceramic tiles come in different shapes, sizes, colour and texture. It should be regularly cleaned with a wet mop or sponge and does not require harsh chemicals or special detergent to maintain.

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2. Marble Flooring

types of home flooring

Marble tiles are similar to ceramic tiles due to its versatility but are expensive than ceramic tiles. marble tiles are available in different colours but not tough enough to resist any type of stains. Marble flooring is commonly used in the kitchen and bathroom areas, can be used for mosaic tiles and slabs. One amazing feature of the marble tile is that the tile flooring is highly shining and smooth that makes the tile colour noticeable and unique in appearance.

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3. Hardwood Flooring

hardwood flooring

The usage of hardwood flooring came into being due to the available species of wood materials that can be used such as Cherry, Oak, Pine, Birch and Walnut. Hardwood floors can be painted in any colour and often last longer than any other types of a floor plan. They are commonly used on the stairs and some of its health benefits are that it accommodates less dust and can be cleaned easily.

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4. Custom Made Flooring

custom made flooring

Custom made flooring design can be found in hotels, shopping malls and big buildings. Recently, house owners have begun to make use of custom made flooring to beautify their house and display some amount of luxury. Custom made flooring is when two or more types of flooring are combined together to form a unique styled depending on the owner preferences, woods can be intertwined with ceramic tiles and lots more. This type of flooring plans are not available in pre-drawn versions, expensive and last longer. Custom made flooring can be a mixture of wood and tiles or any other flooring materials.

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5. Laminate Flooring

laminate flooring

Laminate floorings are well known for its hard surface. Laminate flooring looks very much like hardwood flooring but is manufactured from medium fiberboard (MDF) with plastic laminate on the top layer. It resembles ceramic tiles because they both share similar installation process and features. laminate floor is cheaper, easy to install, durable and ease to maintain or clean. The upper layers are strong enough to prevent it from wear and tear.

The House floor is one of the points of concern for anyone that enters your house. Consideration should be given to the floor plans and design to create a perfect floor design for your house.



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