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6 Factors that Could Determine How Many Rooms to Have in your House

Moving into a new place requires a lot of critical thinking and planning in order to create the perfect atmosphere for you and your family. Before you can move somewhere new, you either have to buy or rent a property, whether it’s a land you have to develop your property on, buy an already built house or rent a house on the market.

Deciding on what to rent, buy or build requires you to put a lot of factors into consideration, like how many rooms you want in the house which involves the other rooms in a house along with the bedrooms, although the number of bedrooms is usually a major factor to consider.


There are many rooms that can be found in a house, some fall under the major section while the rest aren’t necessarily considered as rooms.

Below are 6 factors that could determine how many rooms to have in your house


1. Your lifestyle


The first thing to consider is your lifestyle and priorities; there are some rooms that your lifestyle will determine whether they are needed or not. A person who travels a lot might not require what a person who is always at home needs; an individual that does a lot of exercises might want a gym of his own while a reader might need a quiet library to store and read books. You have to decide on what is important to you and what you can do without, what your kids will want or your spouse loves; the lifestyle of your family goes a long way in determining what rooms will be in your house. If you are the kind of person who loves having a large space, you have to put that into consideration also when deciding the rooms you want.

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2. The size of your family

size of family

The number of people in your family determines the amount of bedrooms you need and the amount of space you allocate to rooms like the living room or dining room. A single person doesn’t necessarily need a large space but married people will require a place big enough for a family. You have to decide if you want to go with room for girls and boys or give each child their own personal room. This will help you determine how many bedrooms to build, buy or rent, along with other considerations; you can also decide to create a play room for your kids if you deem it necessary.


3. Futuristic thinking


This can help you determine how big you want your home to be, especially if you are building one for yourself. If your kids are no longer young and in a few years will leave home or are at school, you can choose to opt for a house that is not so large because the house might be too silent for you when they are not around. On the contrary, you can decide to get a big place to entertain your children and your grandkids when they come visiting. A single person to be married soon can get a place that is bigger than he needs, preparing ahead for the wife he is going to be married to and the children to be born.

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4. Guest


If you are the kind of person that often has visitors, you will definitely need one or more rooms for guest depending on the number of visitors you have per time. People who don’t usually have guest can easily go with using a room for more than one function and use beds that can easily be put away when there are no guests. People who have multiple guests can also be creative with the kind of beds used, so they can still make their guest comfortable without having too many rooms. Your dining area and living room would also need to accommodate guests well, some decide to have an informal living room and a formal living room.


5. Do you work at home

home office

People who work at home require a place where they can work comfortably; some will go with an office close to the living room area while some can go for somewhere deep within the house that will be quiet. The kind of work you do at home will determine whether you need to set aside a room for it or use an already existing room for more than one function. If your work requires you to store things at home, it might mean you need a large home office or a store that will effectively store your items. 

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6. Finances


The money that you have available to you will determine the kind of property you build, buy or rent and the kind of things you can make available in your house. If you have a large pocket, you can go ahead and get a big house but if the money you have isn’t so much then you have to consider if you can maintain a big house as it might require you to employ people that will help with cleaning, security and cooking. Big houses require a lot of dedication, the utility bill will be larger, there will be more outdoor space to maintain and more indoor space to clean.

All these factors together will help you to dot all your 1’s and cross your T’s before making the big decision of how many rooms you want in your house that will make you the happiest and comfortable.



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