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5 Bathroom Design Ideas for Modern Houses

On no occasion should you carry a water-filled bucket to your bathroom to bath. Buckets are meant for storage and not to be switched for modern bathroom fittings. Modern bathroom design has become a luxury in the modern home.


Modern bathroom as an essential part of the house can be a good place for gym, music system or TV.

Check out 5 bathroom design ideas for modern houses below;


1. Bathroom Sizes

bath size

The bathroom comes in different sizes such as the Master, Luxury, Full, Half, Children or guest bathroom. The functions that are to be performed by the bathroom determines its size and amount of fittings and decor. All of the bathroom types should include toilet and shower. The different sections of the bathroom should be separated into different compartments. Master, Luxury and Full bathrooms can include toilet, sinks, tub, showers or even exercise equipment. Modern bathroom designs should be big enough to allow a walk-in-showers installation.


2. Storage Space

bathroom cabinet

Modern bathroom designs offer homeowners with storage capacity. You can make use of the bathroom walls to fix shelves or cabinets anywhere in the bathroom. Corner shelves and towel hangers are best options to store toiletries and other things in the bathroom.

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3. Fancy Lightning

bathroom lighting

Natural lighting is as important as water to the modern bathroom to restore some level of natural feeling in the bathroom and regulate the smell. The window or wall roof can be built in such a way that it will allow for sunlight penetration. Bathroom lighting give your home an illuminated, mixture of natural lights and artificial lights make your bathroom more pleasant and loving. Lighting should be used to brighten up space and properly enhance the decor.

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4. Adequate Ventilation

bathroom windows

Wonder why some bathroom walls break into a sweat when someone showers, the ventilation system is not enough. Modern bathroom windows should moderately size to allow natural air passage. A mid-sized exhaust fan should be installed in the bathroom to enable the free flow of air from the bathroom to more open spaces of the houses. Moisture and humidity generated by the bathroom can lead to damage by penetrating ceilings, floors and other parts of the house. A power ventilator should be installed to move bathroom to outdoors at least eight times per hour or once in 7-8 minutes.

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5. Painting and Decor

bathroom colour

The decoration isn’t a common feature because primarily the bathroom shares the same painting with the house. The right choice of bathroom painting at an early stage will help avoid peeling or moulding walls. High gloss or semi-gloss paint should be purchased or special bathroom paints that are peeling-resistant. Brighter colours should be used in smaller bathrooms to make it appear bigger and lively. Modern bathrooms walls can be painted in single, mixed colours and pattern. Decors such as wall art, mirrors and accessories (toothbrush holders, soap dispensers) are great addition to a modern bathroom design.



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