Why Serviced Apartments are better than Hotels in Nigeria

Some weeks ago, I wrote on serviced apartments. Today’s post is a continuation or simply put, the second stage of the post. Now we have an idea of what serviced apartments are, and what we should expect from serviced apartments. It’s like two sides of a coin, everything that has advantages also has disadvantages. So we will examine the advantages and disadvantages of serviced apartments. Then, we would compare this to that of a hotel.

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Advantages of Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartments are Affordable

In Nigeria, renting a serviced apartment may cost just 50% of what you will pay for your hotel room. So you save more and you enjoy the same benefits by getting a serviced apartment.

You get the Welcome home Feel

A serviced Apartment is like a home outside your home. You have access to the kitchen and so many other facilities. Sometimes, the compound belongs to only you or you and your family if you travel with them.

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You Cook or Pay Less for Food

Buying food in a hotel can cost a fortune, So cut this cost by getting a serviced apartment. If you are with your family mummy can cook.

It is in a Residential Area

You may not have access to the bubbling music of the nearby club. Or the voice of an MC anchoring a wedding program, it’s just cool. You can think well, and you can be creative.

You rule in Your World

Your serviced apartment is your world. You are not limited. You have your privacy. You are not super conscious of a strange person that will see you at the lounge. So you feel free.

Disadvantages of Serviced Apartments

You May not locate the Places Easily

Locating a serviced apartment may be real work if there is no arrangement by the letting company for cab service or easy access to locate the place. Hotels usually serve as landmarks and they are recognised. So this helps locate them easily.

There might be a shortage of Staff

Hotels provide you with more staff than a serviced apartment. Because hotels tend to operate on a regular basis more than a serviced apartment.

It may not be Easy to Acess Groceries

It is advisable to get your groceries intact before lodging in a serviced apartment. Getting to buy things around in a serviced apartment may be difficult. You can easily get things, although, at higher prices at serviced apartments.

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Advantages of Hotel

You Have Enough Staff

You have people at your beck and call to render services to you.The hotel staff is always intact and ready to serve you – no stories

Every Fault Facility Can be Easily Fixed or Changed

Once you discover a faulty facility, it can easily be replaced or totally changed. So you don’t have to bother your head with anything in the apartment.

It’s Easier to Locate

Hotels are landmarks in the environment, especially big hotel. One can even easily google the name of a hotel even if you don’t know the location. This juxtaposes with locating serviced apartments

Disadvantages of Hotel

You Pay a Lot More

If your budget is not well defined, you may end up spending double of your original budget in a hotel. There are always too many things to buy. And too many services that dry up your pocket

Your Privacy is Limited

You can be seen by strange or familiar people in the same hotel, even if you want to remain invisible. There’s no invisibility in hotels.

You Spend More on Food and Luxury Items

Here you can’t just stop spending. You buy a bottle of drink for triple the price you would buy it outside. So yo pay extra for your luxury.

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There are so many other points. Now you know the advantages and disadvantages of hotels and serviced apartments. So feel free to make your choice now. You can communicate your choice to me by commenting on the post. You can also visit to get a serviced apartment for rent or sale now.



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  1. Nice to see this article. This article is really very helpful and informative. I agree with the point that Serviced Apartments are far more better than Hotel Rooms and this is my personal experience because I be on business trips and always prefer taking Serviced Apartments because they are cost-friendly and also very spacious than hotel rooms and if someday I visit Nigeria for any trip ill surely take Serviced Apartments.

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