How to select a real estate lawyer

Assume you have to read through various contracts you don’t understand?Imagine you have to draw various paperwork for closing a deal?How does that make you feel as a buyer or seller?Ultimately, selecting a good professional can make the whole process of buying or selling a house less stressful. A major benefit of hiring a lawyer is that they will objectively guide you as they are not emotionally attached to the house unlike you the buyer or seller. In addition, a lawyer will ensure your rights as a buyer or seller are protected, prepare you for decisions you’ll need to make and will scrutinize a contract to make sure it’s in your best interest.

Below are some tips to guide you in selecting a lawyer who will help you in your bid to buy/sell a house



The search for a lawyer should begin with your immediate contacts such as asking family members, friends, co-workers or the internet. You can also look out for lawyers with experience or good recommendations to narrow down your search list.



Get the various appointment with a few lawyers. During the face-to-face meeting with the lawyer ensure you ask various key questions like:

How long have they been in practice?

How many closings do they do in a month or year?

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How much time do they typically spend on cases?

Can they provide the name of a client who can give a reference?

How much will he/she charge you for their services as your lawyer?

Talking to a real estate lawyer face to face allows you get a glimpse of their personality, character and professionalism but you can get additional insight by talking to people they’ve worked with before. If the attorney is willing to provide you with some names of other real estate professionals or former clients, it’s a good indication that he or she is confident about their reputation.

In addition, ensure you trust your instincts. If you are not comfortable with a lawyer then don’t hire he/her because your distrust will hinder your work relationship with them.


Once you select a lawyer that is suitable for you, ensure your lawyer spells out what services he/she will provide and at what fee on paper. Ensure, you understand the agreement before you sign.


Full disclosure

In other, for your lawyer to protect your best interest; you have to not keep secrets from your lawyer regarding the property.Ensure you make available all documents related to your real estate transaction. This full disclosure allows the lawyer to identify any problems or issues that are in any of the documents.

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Cooperate with your lawyer

It is your lawyer’s job to give you legal advice about your legal matter. That is the reason that you are paying him or her to represent you in a real estate transaction. As a result, you should cooperate with your lawyer and take his or her advice for the best possible outcome in your case.

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