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Minimalist Living: Design Your New Space With Less

Kindly disregard any notion that being a minimalist is cheap cos it not. 

So if you are planning to redecorate or renovate your space anywhere soon. This guide will show you ropes on making the best decisions in keeping your space simple

Less Is Surely More

This statement is super inspirational but how does it relate with designing your space ? one true goal about minimalism is having more breathable and bright spaces. So one of the ways to achieve this during renovation is to take out stuff you don’t need, you can either give them out or make a resale to get some cash.

Minimalism is easily letting go of unnecessary items in your home. So consider what is relevant within your space, and what you are just holding on to. 

Is a 3-seater necessary in a mini flat or why would you need a master size bed frame in a 1 bedroom. Think about it  

Apartment In Lagos


Renovate or Decorate With Intention

You have made up your mind to decorate your living space, you want to jump right into the action. Well to achieve a near-perfect minimalist experience, your arrangement needs to be well thought off. 

You don’t want to make the mistake of getting things as they come to you, simply make a list of things you need: your space layout, type of bed frame, artwork, sofa, write your intention down to what sink type you want, kitchen counter etc. 

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Having this list saves you shopping expenses and your space well articulated.


Make Enough Storage Unit 

Taking Lagos state real estate scene into consideration, many new properties are not space and design-friendly. Prioritise acquiring what you need and what you want in your living space. 

So get creative, invest in multi-purpose furniture/Items. You could do a quick search on furniture that is aesthetically pleasing, where to get them and the best suite for small spaces.

Bright Colours Always Pop 

Give life to your apartment, think about bright colours you like best or improves your mood largely. Colours like whites, cream, neutral colour palette and you could throw in few dark shades to add dimensions to your home.

In the same plot, you should consider using pops of colour to bring personality to your space. A mustard yellow sofa, an abstract piece of artwork or painting can do the magic.

 The right colour combination goes a long way to improve your living condition.

mustard yellow sofa

Find Inspiration Online/Thrift/Ask For Help 

 A quick hashtag search on instagram or Pinterest would take you a step closer. Consider your apartment layout, look through design-inspo online, save as many pictures you need as possible to compare your whole decoration process. 

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Shop online; 90% of the time you get items you need online. Two good ways to save money is to call in favours from friends, family. 

Go thrifting.  

So now you know how to go about decorating your space as a minimalist without overdoing it. Need an apartment checkout propertypro.ng for property listings anywhere in Nigeria



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