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4 Types of Wallpapers for Modern Homes

Wallpapers are decorative materials used to cover the interior walls of buildings. The use of wallpapers dates back to before the 18th century; many believe they belong in retro or historic homes, which can be disputed as there are several new modern and contemporary patterns that will suit modern homes. 


Wallpapers are relevant in places where water resistance is important, like the kitchen. They are durable, as well as beautiful and are available in trendy patterns and colours. Homeowners and designers are using wallpapers in a wide diversity of applications as they are suitable for homes, offices, cafes, government buildings, museums and other buildings.

These are 4 Types of Wallpapers for Modern Houses


1. Damask Wallpaper

damask wallpaper

Damask is a timeless traditional design that was originally produced in Damascus itself. Damask pattern is intricate based on floral crest motif, it spells luxury and splendour. Damask wallpaper is an expensive category that has become very popular in recent years leading to the creation in countless styles in every size, colour, and material making it possible for a damask wallpaper to fit in any room in your home. Consider the shape and size of the room before selecting a damask wallpaper; it’s all about the look you want.

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2. Modern Geometric WallpapersModern geometric wallpaper

This is a contemporary design influenced by intricate patterns plus strong graphics which appreciate the chic style of simple lines and shapes; It is one of the most popular designs going around. Modern geometric wallpapers employ clean edges, clever repeats, and art décor effects; reviving the mood of past classic design periods with geometry and use of colour. Playful geometrical floral wallpapers and vogue retro designs dominate this sophisticated style.

3. Textured Wallpaper

Textured wallpaper

Textured Wallpaper is an interesting mixture of vinyl wallpaper and paper backed fabrics. Textured wallpaper has increased in popularity in homes and businesses to add touchable sensibility, drama, and flair. Textures are perfect for adding warmth, depth, intrigue, and style to a room, they offer versatile touchability.


4. Vintage Wallpaper

Vintage wallpaper

Vintage wallpaper is a dreamy design that can blend the past and present to create the essence of timelessness, sophisticated beauty and nostalgia. Being Victorian and classical in design enables it to add not just elegance but style to homes. Vintage wallpapers are a nod to the past, they have stood the test of time and many are meticulously reproduced from original documents.

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Wallpapers exist in different designs that can help beautify your home, put them in consideration when planning to give your home a new look.




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