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Sliding Doors: An Updated Guide [2024]

We spend a lot of time discussing how to secure ordinary doors, but what about sliding doors?

Sliding doors have transcended mere function to become a coveted design element, offering a seamless blend of space optimization, light control, and aesthetics. Whether you seek to connect your indoor living area to a vibrant patio or create flexible room configurations, understanding these versatile doors is crucial.

You have several choices for protecting your external sliding door. First, you may let your deck or patio deteriorate to the point that it becomes a death trap for any would-be intruder. Second, you can perhaps take a more socially acceptable action by following one of our suggestions below.


1. Install an alarm sensor

Alarm sensors connected to a home security system are a simple method to secure your sliding door.

The majority of alarm systems have door/window sensors (also commonly called entry sensors). These sensors, when connected to a door frame, detect open/close actions. For example, when someone tries to force open the door, the alarm goes off, and a request for help is placed.

Glass break sensors are also included in specific alarm systems. These sensors detect the sound made by the glass as it breaks. Depending on your supplier and preferences, the system will notify you or your monitoring centre when it detects broken glass.

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2. Install window film

Sliding glass doors are incredibly brittle. We recommend using a window film to discourage burglars. This polyethene coating prevents a damaged sliding glass door from collapsing entirely, making it more difficult for an unwanted guest to enter. ยน

To be clear, thieves are not our primary worry when it comes to sliding glass doors. We’ve read several interviews with past burglars, and most of them claim they prefer to enter a property in the least intrusive method possible. So, while criminals are unlikely to destroy your sliding door, vandals and other sorts of invaders may.

3. Insert a rod into the tracks

For extra protection, some sliding doors have a metal rod. Use this feature if your door already has it. It aids in the reinforcement of the gate against unauthorized access.

But how does one go about locating the finest lock for sliding doors? Visit to learn more on how to secure your home effectively.

4. Purchase a deadbolt lock

We’ve discovered that, generally, sliding door locks aren’t exceptionally dependable. So it’s preferable to choose a door with a certainty that can’t be opened from the outside.

However, we understand that when you move into an established house, you are not offered a choice in sliding door locks. Instead, if possible, include a deadbolt into the sliding door arrangement.

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5. Install a surveillance camera

Surveillance cameras aren’t our first choice. They are often costly, complex to install, and require recurring subscriptions. On the other hand, a security camera is an excellent choice for a susceptible area such as a sliding glass door.

Burglars and other intruders are less likely to meddle with your sliding glass door if you have an evident camera trained on it. They don’t want their misbehavior to be recorded on camera.

To Wrap It Up

Sliding doors offer a versatile and stylish solution for various needs. By carefully considering your requirements, exploring material options, choosing the right configuration, and incorporating additional features, you can select sliding doors that enhance your space’s functionality, aesthetics, and value. Don’t hesitate to consult with professionals at door showrooms or building materials suppliers to gain further insights and ensure a smooth and successful selection and installation process.



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