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DIY: Replace Your Old Faucet

Replacing your old faucet at home is one of the easiest home makeovers you should be able to handle without paying an extra charge. There are several reasons you might want to fix your kitchen faucet; Does it drip ? Does it make a funny sound ? Do you want to replace the old one ? This DIY guide is here to help. 

Luckily, many of these modern faucets can easily be installed with little patience and direction to avoid flooding your apartment.

Apartment in Lekki 

Here are supplies you need when replacing a faucet: 

  • New kitchen faucet (and the installation manual)
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Flashlight
  • Bucket
  • Rags
  • Cleaner
  • Screwdriver
  • Towels
  • Black Tape (Teflon Tape)

Let’s get started, first check under your kitchen sink to see how your current faucet is being set up to register the number of holes it is connected to. Preferably take a picture and show the vendor to buy the right type of faucet.



Step 1

Clear out your sink cabin, make sure every supply you need is within arms reach and lock the water supply  connected to your faucets. It is usually a small tap under the sink or outside. 

Now you have shut the water off, turn on your faucet to relieve the pressure. 

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Step 2

If a leak should happen, a towel and bucket come in handy to clear out the residual drops. 

Get your adjustable wrench, loose the valves of your current kitchen faucet counterclockwise to get it removed. Once this is out of the way you can now it’s time to remove the old faucet.

Try not to drag it out, simply look under the sink should incase there is a nut holding it, loose that to get it out freely. 

Step 3

Clear out the dirt residue underneath the kitchen cabin, put in an extra effort to make it clean. 

Check out modern kitchen faucet for inspiration

Step 4

Unveil your new faucet! Grab the manual to carefully read through the installation to see any direction we may have overlooked. You are almost there.

Pass your new faucet through the top of your sink and get under the cabin.

Step 5

Once you get hold of the faucet, tightening properly some might require screws which always come with the product.

Attach your lines to the valves and make sure they are well snugged. Use your adjustable wrench to get that done.

Use your teflon tape popularly known as black tape to make sure your seal is tight and leak free.

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Finally, turn on your locked water supply taps, do it slowly to confirm the faucet isn’t leaking and it is working perfectly. And you’re good to go.

Please note, if you don’t have the patience for this exercise you should hire a plumber, get them here. Also having someone around while replacing a faucet is highly recommended. 


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