Suits Season 6: Donna Helps Louis Find an Apartment

So, I came across the latest episode of Suits Season 6 and it was filled with entertainment. This was probably my favorite part of the episode. Louis Litt fell in love with a female architect, Tara, after a long while of being single. However, he decided on his best way to go about it.

He understands how much Harvey is hurting without Mike there, and knows this is the time to shut up and be a team player. If only Louis applied this same maturity to his current romantic endeavour.

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It turns out Louis lied to Tara about owning a mansion in the Hamptons and now he has to find one before she discovers he lied to her. Obviously, he turns to Donna for help in finding a property.


Donna tells him to be a grown-up and to ask Tara out like a normal person, but he’s convinced she needs to get to know him before he does that or else she’ll say no.

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Unfortunately, Donna doesn’t work quickly enough for Louis. So he blows up, and she changes her mind about helping him.

In the end, Louis realizes he was in the wrong, apologizes to Donna, and admits he’s still a bit angry about her not being his secretary anymore. Donna accepts his apology, revealing she already found him an apartment online and put in an offer on a house that meets his needs.

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Louis finds property

I wonder if Donna would have been able to find a property with such speed without an online platform to discover a suitable property in a choice location within Nigeria. (Don’t mind my bias for the property-search side of the story).

Nowadays, most people first browse real estate listings online when shopping for a home. So, if you’re not taking advantage of online platforms to list your property for sale or for rent, then, you may stay long before you get an interested buyer or renter (as the case may be).

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