The surprising reason I won’t leave Wale for another guy

I walked briskly to Chichi’s house like I had just lost my last cash. I knew she wasn’t expecting me, but this is not my first time of going to her house without a prior invitation. I go there always with my stories: the good, the bad and the ugly. Chichi is a shoulder to lean on and at times I wonder why she listens to me always. I bug her so much.

I finally got to her compound. ‘Good Morning Papa’, I said as I turned to greet her father. He is in his sixties but he looks like a fifty-year-old man. ‘He must be as strong as a forty-year-old man’ I said to myself, not minding my own business. He tied a faded blue towel as he headed for the bathroom. I went straight to Chichi’s bedroom. She was still sleeping – the lazy girl.

Chichi’s mother and father do not stay together as Papa threw her mother out when Chichi was just ten. She had been through a lot as well, and this made her very careful when she had contact with men. She is very smart when it comes to men and she has an upgraded intelligence in dealing with them. She can also advise you on how to successfully punish your boyfriend or how to stylishly leave him; she has been my adviser on such issues for three years now and I have successfully punished three men and stylishly left two.

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I visited Chichi again this morning to find out how I can stylishly leave Wale. He is having challenges in taking care of me. Worst of all, he stays with his mother. He doesn’t have an apartment of his own. We spoke about it a week ago, and he was confused because he wasn’t sure of where or who to talk to with the little money he had saved for that purpose. As for me, I am a Lagos girl, it is better for me to waka. I cannot stay with a man who has not even settled his accommodation.

‘You better stand up lazy girl’, I said as I pulled off the wrapper she used to cover her body. She did not answer, rather, she turned to the other part of the bed to continue her sleep. She loves sleeping, that’s her hobby. I moved closer and started tapping her butt. ‘Ego please I am feeling cold’, she said. I heard my phone ringing and decided to leave Chichi and her sleep to pick up my call. My phone was in my purse underneath my bag, so I couldn’t find it quickly. I just heard it as it rang. I finally found it in the bag. It was Wale calling. I hissed but I picked up the call.

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He told me he had finally rented an apartment in a choice area at Lagos. I pretended as if I was happy for him but hissed as I dropped the phone. I needed to be sure he wasn’t a victim of fraudsters. I still love him and I do not pray he becomes a victim of fraudsters. It’s better for him to spend the money on me. I left Chichi and her sleep, as I rushed to Wale’s place. I needed to get the details of what happened – the gist.

According to him, he was able to rent a very good apartment in three days via A friend told him about the website, he visited their site and it was quick, sharp and reliable. I was shocked that Wale was not duped. I hugged him and screamed ‘baby I love you, I promise I won’t leave you’.

Finally, technology has provided another solution to one of the most crucial needs of man.  I think you should visit the site too. Click here to do so. I won’t leave Wale because he now has a very good apartment.  Don’t think I am selfish, I am only a sharp Lagos girl and my name is Ego.

– Aderinsola Jolaosho

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