The Lagos Sharp Sharp Market

Shade could not withhold the tears rolling down her cheeks, as she walked past Mushin market. She does not mind who looks at her, and who doesn’t anymore, she just doesn’t care. A concerned young girl walked up to her to ask her why she was crying but she couldn’t just stop crying. Her words got stuck in her throat.

She was just coming from Lagos Island where she went to get goods she was to start selling. Shade, who is a single mother of three has struggled behind suffering, hunger, homelessness, and abject poverty. The small family lived in one room apartment at Ejigbo. She has seen what life in Lagos really meant and looked like. Housing and feeding three children in Lagos is real work for her. Worst still, she has a job which can only help to feed her family poorly.

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Her luck shined when she was able to secure an eighty thousand naira loan from one of the microfinance banks in Lagos. Her joy knew no bounds when she received the money. At least she would be able to buy some goods and sell to her neighbors. The proceeds from this would patch up the poor feeding of her family, which she gets from her cleaning job. She would also be able to save 1000 NGN in a day to pay up the loan.

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On getting to the market, Shade was able to buy all the goods she wanted at affordable prices. Notwithstanding, she was acting like a “bolo or “buttermint” She had never known suffering before now, born with a silver spoon, she married a man who got to the top of his career in banking.

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She packed her goods with utmost care in a Ghana must go bag as headed straight for a bus to Mushin. The goods were heavy, but she considered the two hundred naira that she would give an Alabaru woman, at Eko sufficient to give her children to take to school the next day.

She moved swiftly to the bus stop, the bus, was almost fully occupied by other traders who came to Lagos Island to buy goods. A number of bags were in the boot. she dropped her bag on one of the bags and subsequently, other traders dropped their bags on Shade’s bag. The boot was filled to the brim.

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On getting to Mushin, Shade alighted from the bus and headed straight for the vehicle’s boot to carry her new bundle of joy – her goods. She thought she was dreaming, when she couldn’t find her bag. But it was true, so true. Somebody had stolen her bag.

She screamed. She laughed. She cried. She smiled. she did all at the same time. It was only her bag that was stolen. She discovered that almost all the other traders had tags on their bags.

Shade has triple problems to deal with now – paying the debt, feeding her children and coping in their one room apartment. It was a bitter experience. Shade wasn’t possible a sharp Lagos woman. Thus, she couldn’t help crying as she walked past Mushin. Everything that goes on in Lagos is sharp sharp. If you are not careful they might even carry you away.

The story is always the same: “WELCOME TO LAGOS WHERE THINGS HAPPEN” You may be sharper than Shade. If want to experience Lagos, don’t hesitate to visit for our short let services. You can also get your dream apartment on our website.


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