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Types of Office Desks and Their Uses

Imagine a world without desks, how frustrating would that be? You have nowhere to place items when you want to sit comfortably and work. Perhaps your computer will be placed on the floor while you operate it. Desks are constructed to meet different needs. With an improvement in furniture construction, different types, designs and sizes of desks are being introduced on regular basis.


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Classification of Office Desks According to Materials

There are various materials that can be used in constructing office desks

  • Wooden office desks: This type of office desk is made from wood such as hardwood, veneer or softwood. The wood used should be carefully chosen as its quality will determine the quality and durability of the desk when it’s finished. Desks in many offices are made of wood since a variety of designs can be easily made with the material.
  • Metal office desks: These are office desk constructed with metal materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, and others.
  • Concrete office desks: Concrete or slap is used to construct this type of desk. Concrete or slap-made office desks are normally permanently fixed in a place. This kind of desks gives a solid look to space.
  • Plastic office desks: These are desk made with plastic material.
  • Glass office desks: For this type, it’s only the top that is usually made from glass while the legs are from wood or metal.Image result for images of office desks
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Classification of Desks According to Purpose

Computer Desks

These kinds of desks are specifically used for computing purposes. Computer desks usually have adjustable legs and height. It is mostly used by people whose work require consistent use of a computer. There are different designs of computer desks, depending on the computer. Some designs have just one surface where the monitor, keyboard and system unit are kept. There are some computer desks that have various compartments for keeping the monitor, system unit and keyboard. But for modern offices where laptops or computers with small desktops are used, the whole unit can be on the desk, with no need for additional compartments.

Reception Desks

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These office desks are used in the reception area. It can be constructed with wood or metal, glass, among others. It is available in a variety of attractive shapes, designs, and colors, so as to create a good first impression for the office since the reception is the part of the office people first come in contact with.

Executive desks

These are not only for CEOs. They come in a variety of styles, from tradition to modern designs. They are usually used in the conference room.

Classification of Office Desks According to Shape

L-Shaped Desks

These office desks are L-shaped. Desks are constructed this way to help maximize space. They can be used for multiple purposes but is most commonly found in the reception area. The longest side is used as a reception for visitors while the shorter can be used to keep office equipment such as printers and scanners.

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U-Shaped Desks

This type of office desks is U-shaped. The person using it usually sits at the open side of the desk. It is most suitable for people performing a lot of task or people that require much space in order to carry out their function. The top of desk creates much space for the user to keep a lot of files, computers or other office supplies.



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