Who Should Pay House Rent in Nigeria: Husband or Wife?

The question above will seem absurd to so many Nigerians. The expected response is the husband. Right? He should be responsible for taking care of the family, he is the head of the family. He works to make money for the family. The person who spends the money is the master, in marriage; family; friendship; work or in any other form of relationship.

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Now it is he, he, he not she. At this point, there is no concept of feminism. Even at lower levels, when going on a date. Who should pay for the location, cab, food, and groceries? He has to pay, is the response of so many Nigerian ladies when it comes to such situation. Well, I am not antagonizing anyone’s perspective on the issue of finance, which is, of course, a very delicate issue, but I will like to present my own perspective on the issue. So, I have five objective points on who should pay rent. If you have supporting or opposing opinions you can write them in the comment section.


Who has the Money?

Most women may not agree with this, but it is the truth. We generally believe that it is the responsibility of the man to pay rent because he is the man. But when he is short of funds there is no crime in helping him. However, men should not take this as an opportunity to rely totally on their wives. So they should work hard to meet up with the bills.

What’s the Marriage Agreement?

Marriage should be based on an agreement. If the marriage agreement states that the man would pay, he has to pay. But at times you may deviate from such agreement due to the availability of funds. So if the marriage agreement states that the man should pay rent, and the woman should fund the feeding, the woman may take part of the rent when the man is short of funds.

It Can Be Shared

This may be applicable when the finances of the couple are on the same pedestal. This is also applicable is if the rent suitable for the family is quite high. Sharing percentages may be 50/50; 40/60; 70/30 or even 90/10. This should be a top secret by the couple because it is personal.

Who is Stingy?

At times, women believe that their husbands are stingy, and some wives believe that their husbands spend lavishly outside the house. In this kind of situation, there should be a concrete agreement that will compel the husband to pay. This can also be the other way round.

Who Loves More?

This question seems funny. But it is applicable to all types of relationships. Even in friendship. Love is measured by what is remaining after giving. It is not about having a million naira, and giving out 200,000 NGN; it is about having 100 NGN and ready to let go of 90 NGN. Thus, if the husband loves more, he will pay not minding his pocket. The same goes for the wife.
Housing is very crucial in every marriage. The inability to pay rent brings shame to the couple and to the family. Marital relationships should be complementary, thus anyone can pay rent as long as there is an agreement. Visit to rent an apartment in Nigeria today.


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