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4 Types Of Artificial Lighting You Should Know

The role played by lighting in any type of building particularly the home should not be underemphasized. Indoor lighting design is an integral part of interior design basics often attend to with levity, adequate lighting help enhances and brings out the beauty of a well-decorated home. The right lighting can make or mar your home design, detailed research about the type of lighting that exists, their features and qualities.


The best way to implement lighting design for your house is to use different types of lighting combined together in your home. Natural lighting from skylights or windows depending on the season and time of the day but can’t suffice a modern home design and as such an artificial lighting should be fixed which are functional and stylish. Types of artificial lighting based on their functions are ambient, task and accent lighting.

Check 3 Types Of Artificial Lighting For Modern Home below;


1. Accent Lighting

accent lighting

Accent lighting also called highlight lighting is used to pinpoint particular areas of the home. Accent lights bulbs point directly at particular areas such as art pieces, picture frames. It is used to draw attentions to an area or object and is often used outdoor can be used indoor for dining, living rooms, bathroom and the kitchen. Chandeliers and low wattage lamps can be used for accenting particular areas in your home. They come in different sizes and shapes.

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2. Ambient Lighting

ambient light

Ambient lighting is also known as general light is the common type of lighting that can be used anywhere, it provides general illumination to the room space. Ambient lighting can be ceiling mounted, recessed, wall sconce or floor lamp and can be adjusted to control the brightness. Most designs of ambient lighting are cheap and easy to fix or repair.


3. Task Lighting

task lighting

Task lighting as the name implies is a type of lighting that is used for particular activities such as reading, cooking and make up. Task light targets its illumination at a particular task that requires lighting, it can be found on the kitchen counter tops and desk surfaces. Task lighting can be used in the dining room and even under kitchen countertops.

4. Decorative Lighting

christmas lighting

Decorative Lightings are not a common feature of every modern house but can be a great lighting design as well. Decorative lighting comes in varieties of colours, shapes or mixtures of different colours and shapes. The most common type of decorative lights is Christmas lights and foyer lightings. Decorative lighting can be used anywhere in the house as long as it is decorative.

Lighting plays an important in home decorations and should not be neglected, above listed are few ideas for choosing to light for your new house or remodel your old home. You can decide to choose any type of lighting bulbs for these functions and can also mix and match two or more style together depending on your choice.

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