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5 Easy Steps to Clean Your Kitchen

A dirty kitchen is the only reason why I can go on a very long hunger break but luckily enough I was earlier appointed as the Special Adviser on Kitchen Decor and Sanitation in my home. Do you want to know what I do in my office? Stay glued.

The Kitchen is one of the most important places in a home and can be the hottest spots in some homes after their living room. The major difference between your home kitchen and a road side cafeteria is the level of cleanliness and arrangement.  A kitchen is that part of the house where all sort of cooking activities happens as it is primarily meant for cooking and food preparation and can be found either in a residential apartment or a commercial establishment. Due to the look and set up of old kitchen designs they tend to be dirty more often.


The most important activity in the kitchen aside cooking is cleaning the kitchen, all part of the kitchen is bound to attract some amount of dirt on daily basis. Due to the enormous activity in the kitchen people usually attend to kitchen cleaning with levity and prefer to use over a longer period of time before a weekend cleaning which is unfair to your intestine, how? Stay tuned.

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Check 10 Easy Steps to Clean Your Kitchen Below;


1. Sweep the Floor

sweeping kitchen

Sweeping the floor should be the last thing but we prefer doing it earlier before touching other parts of the kitchen. You can opt for an electrostatic dry duster or Swiffer sweeper to clean parts of the kitchen such as the baseboards, cabinets and remove cobwebs. Following up with a mop or steam cleaner will ensure you have a clean, sparkling kitchen and also avoid using the same mop for cleaning the sink.

2. Finish off Dishes and Clean Sink

clean dishes

Ensure you empty the sink from the dirty dishes or use a dishwasher machine to clean up dishes and arrange them on the dish drainer in an orderly manner, plastic dishes should rest on ceramic wares, small plates should rest on big ones and clean the sink with hot water. Clean upper corners, light fixtures and tops of cabinets.

3. Clean Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet

Starting from the top parts of the kitchen is one of the best cleaning techniques in the kitchen. Clean the upper cabinets and other wall fittings and decors with a damp or soapy cloth. Wipe the cabinet doors, dust the inner parts of the cabinets, open for a while and rearrange the items in the cabinets.


4. Empty the Refrigerator


Confirm the expiry dates of kitchen supplies in other to dispose them off, clean spills, and open the refrigerator to allow some fresh air. Dispose of empty food storage containers, wipe down the door shelves, trays with a paper towel or rag and rearrange new supplies.

5. Clean Kitchen Appliances

clean blender

Kitchen appliances are the most used equipment in the kitchen, it includes toaster, stand mixer, mixer, blender and other small appliances. You can use a spray or fairly wet paper tissue to clean electric kitchen appliances. You can as well use hot water and little of soap for blender and mixers, wash plastic appliances and keep away from excess water, allow to drain/dry and rearrange.



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