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5 Tech Appliances For A Smart Kitchen

A kitchen where you can’t spend less than 10 minutes and satisfy yourself, is that one a Kitchen? Definitely not, it’s just a mere cooking spot. You can hardly find a Guy that loves the kitchen as much as I do, only to find out I was there to take a selfie. One of the major features of a smart kitchen is the ability to get things done quickly and efficiently. With the current advancement in the use of technology in our everyday life, there is practically no place in the house that should be deprived of adequate technological enhancement.


We hardly dedicate much of our time in equipping the kitchen while buying the latest appliances for the living rooms such as Large Screen TVs, Sound systems among others. The Kitchen is primarily meant for cooking and it is one of the most important places in the house and can even be referred to as the heart of the house.

How much do you know about kitchen appliances? Find out in this article.

Check 5 tech appliances for a Smart Kitchen below;


1. Gas and Electric Cookers

kitchen cooker

Gas cookers are must have for a modern kitchen but Electric cookers are one of the features of a smart kitchen. Gas cookers and Electrical cookers are often combined together as one giving you much opportunity to fast track your cooking chores. Buying an electric cooker with gas option is one of the best decision you can make due to the level of electric power supply in the country. The most common type of cooker comes with four gas burners (Two Small and Big Electric Plates) with a gas oven underneath the cooker. The best kitchen cookers are manufactured with metals and plastic controls.

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2. Microwave Oven

microwave oven

Microwave ovens are kitchen appliances that are used to cook or heat fairly warm foods. Microwave ovens can be used for reheating leftovers, defrost frozen foods and make fast (ready-to-eat) dishes. Microwave ovens come in a different capacity, sizes, design and different technology some of which includes the turn table feature that quickens up the duration for heating the food while rotating on a hot panel.

3. Sandwich Maker/Toaster

sandwich maker

Sandwich maker is an electric appliance that can be used for making delicious snacks out of your bread. Sandwich maker is made with an internal hot plate for toasting bread of which you can use any filling of your choice between two slices of bread. Sandwich maker is great options for making your breakfast or lunch in a short while with less effort.

4. Dishwasher


The dishwasher is a big kitchen appliance that is used for cleaning dishware by spraying hot water between 45 and 75 oC over the dishes from different directions depending on the size of the dishwasher with controls for changing the water temperature for delicate items. The dishwasher is usually installed under the countertop and separately for bigger or industrial dishwasher. The dishwasher is the technology that superseded the manual dishwashing that depends heavily on physical scrubbing to remove dirt from plates this is because it uses a mix of water and detergent pumped to one or more rotating spray arms some of which includes drain and drying fans.

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5. Blenders and Mixers

blender and mixers

Blender and Mixers are electric appliances for mixing and mashing food ingredients together like beans, tomatoes, onions and similar food items. Mixers are used for mixing fruits as well as food items and it both comes with different types of blades for dry food ingredients such as egusi, crayfish among others. The Blender comes with a swirling blade for turning solid food items into liquid substances and often manufactured with different types of blender jar for different purposes.



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