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5 Steps to Choosing a Small Apartment Couch

Your dream of living in one of the big cities is coming through, considering the cost of housing and comfortable living you had to go for a small apartment. Be it in Lekki/Ajah axis or somewhere around Ikeja, you really need to decorate your apartment. To begin with, You decided to buy a couch.


A couch is a type of chair that can be used by two or more people, the most common type being the two-seater couches designed for two persons. Couch furniture is normally manufactured in form of a bench with or without armrests, upholstered or non-upholstered. A Couch s primarily meant for seating but can be a good place for sleeping as well. Couch furniture comes in different types of shapes, material and sizes depending on your choice.

Check 5 steps to choosing a small apartment couch below;


1. Frequency of Usage

couch usage

The frequency of usage greatly depends on how much the couch will be used, your couch selection should fit your lifestyle. Whether you are living with roommates or a small family, the couch should complement other furniture in the house and enable a comfy feeling. Your couch can be a perfect space for watching the TV or playing games.

2. Measurements

couch measurements

The two major measurement when choosing a couch is the length of the couch and width of the door since it’s a small apartment. Selecting a couch that needs to be shifted each time you want to open the door, or couch that takes up the whole space isn’t a good idea and the couch should not be forced in at the entrance. In a situation whereby you find a big sized couch ensure its parts can be disassembled.

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3. Choice of Material

couch material

The type of fabric or leather material of your couch is closely related to the frequency of usage. Leather and micro fibres are advised for a couch that will be used on daily basis due to their easy maintenance and resistance to tearing, stain etc. Cotton materials are more difficult to get rid of dirt spots and expensive.

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4. Style and Functionality


sofa style

The style of your couch should come to your mind first because the design of your couch will enhance a small apartment look and feel. Combining style with functionality is one of the best options for decorating a small apartment and ensure the couch style don’t overwhelm other furniture.

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5. Structure and Shape

couch structure

The structure is closely related to measurements and design. The structure is determined by the shape and the materials the couch is made with such as hardwood, springs and covers. Couch furniture with hardwood structure is much preferable than pine because it last longer and easy to repair.

If you are planning to decorate your small apartment in an expensive way, a couch is a good start. Consider the above-listed steps before choosing your couch furniture.

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