5 Tips For Buying a Quality Sofa Bed

Finally, you’re home, but the stress of moving an inch from the living room to your bedroom bothers you or you just feel like sleeping while watching the TV outside your bedroom. Only a sofa bed can save you. A sofa bed, also known as sleeper sofa is a type of chair wth hidden mattress under the seating space that can be unfolded to make a bed.


Sofa beds or sleeper sofas are one of the most important pieces of furniture that can complement your house design. Modern sofa beds are multipurpose and can provide flexible sleeping options for you and your guests. Sofa beds gained popularity due to their versatility, mostly used for seating and can be converted into a bed when the need arises. Sofa beds are great ideas for small living rooms or studio apartments, it comes in different sizes, shapes, colours and can be manufactured with a variety of materials such as leather and fabric.

Check out 5 tips for buying a quality sofa bed below;


1. Functionality


Sofa beds are basically bought as a sofa and can be converted to a bed because of its bed-like features. Consideration should be given to its priority of usage, whether it will be mostly used as a bed or for seating. The mattress design should be comfortable if it will be basically used as a sleeping space. Sleeper sofa should have comfortable mattress materials, some may include inner springs or filled air. It is advisable to buy a sofa bed that can be easily assembled when needed.

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2. Space

sofa space

Space is always an integral element of home decor. Twin size sofa beds are a perfect setting for a small space because they are less than 5 feet wide but can accommodate one or two people. A twin size sleeper sofa should be around 39 inches wide and extends to around 54 inches in width and 85 inches in length. Most twin-size sleeper sofas are not affordable but can be suitable for smaller apartments.

3. User weights

sofa weight

Consideration must be given to the weights of individual users of the sofa bed and the frequency of the usage. Older users will prefer a bed with a strong mattress with hard fittings and conversion mechanisms while Kids can use any type of sofa bed because they don’t weigh much.

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4. Design and Colour

Bed sofa / contemporary / linen

The design of the sofa bed should complement the existing decor of your room and its size should serve its purpose. Sofa beds can be used as a centrepiece in the living room and should be sized enough to fit into the room. There should be additional spaces in front of the sofa to function as a bed, avoid adjusting other furniture before converting your sofa bed.

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5. Materials and Mechanisms

Exotic Sectional Sofa With Pull Out Bed home furniture in Home Decoration Consept

Sofa beds are manufactured in either leather or fabric materials with inner filled with soft foams or bubble wrap. The convertible mechanisms remain one of the most important features of the sofa bed. Avoid sofa beds with heavy mechanisms that you can’t operate alone or noisy materials. Durable and quality materials will allow the sofa bed convert easily without wearing out.

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Consider the above-listed features and options before buying a sofa bed.



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