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5 Types Of Headboards For Modern Bedroom

Headboards are one of the amazing features of a modern bedroom set up as it increases the elegant feel of your bedroom and maximises your relaxation. Headboards primarily served as a backrest while sitting on the bed and has developed into a necessity to block unnecessary wind and keep the bed area warm. Headboards are very useful elements of the bedroom furniture, can be easily fixed to the head of the bed and provides a comfortable backing to the bed for learning and relaxation.


The design of the headboard can be used to determine the status of the bed owner. Headboards are commonly found in the luxurious apartment and made from a variety of materials such as wood, metal, leather, suede and fabrics. The modern design of headboards often come with storage options and different designs. Choosing the type of headboards for your bedroom design is as important as choosing the bed itself.

Check 5 Types Of Headboards For Modern Bedroom below;


1. Leather Headboards

leather headboards

The leather is one of the most used materials for house furniture after wood. Modern headboards are normally made from leather materials which are extremely durable and can be expensive. Leather materials are available in wide variety of colours but consideration should be given to the bedroom condition because leather materials usually get damaged by heat. Leather headboards shouldn’t be used in a bedroom with little ventilation options as well as bedrooms that will be frequently used by children.

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2. Metal Headboards

metal headboard

Metal headboards are becoming popular due to modern bedroom designs. Metal headboards are manufactured from wrought iron, brass metal, brushed aluminium and stainless steel. Most metal headboards come in curvy shape and it helps give an antique or giant feeling to your bedroom. People often mistake metal headboards for the hospital beds but modern metal headboards are absolutely classic and beautiful can be carved into different styles and shapes.


3. Wooden Headboards

wooden headboard

One of the most popular choices of the headboard are the wooden headboards because of the available varieties of wood materials and classic look it brings to your bed. The flexibility of wooden materials, patterns and species offer a lot of choices when making a wooden headboard. Simple sleek lined wooden headboards are advised for modern bedroom design and soft wooden material should be used to prevent fall wound if it’s not directly fixed to the bed frame.

4. Upholstered Headboards

upholstered headboard

Upholstered headboards are elements of a luxurious bedroom setting and can only be found in modern bedrooms. The most common type being rectangular shaped with a diamond button effect or curved board with studs. Upholstered are primarily meant for providing comfort, elegance and luxury in the bedroom as it is widely available in a variety of materials and designs. It can be rectangular, square, round, roll top, arched, curved or buttoned, tufted, padded and fluted depending on the users choice.

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5. Wall Mounted Headboards

wall mounted headboards in south africa

Wall mounted headboards helps create a classy look of your bedroom because it does not need to occupy the floor space since it’s mounted on the wall. This type of headboards is built with struts that make it compatible with any type of bed and decorative as well. Wall mounted headboards create an elegant feeling in your bedroom and often double as a storage space with drawers to keep important items or even a bookshelf.

Headboards are becoming a popular piece of bedroom furniture that is available in a variety of styles and materials, finding the perfect headboard for your bedroom depends on your level or patience and exposure. The above-listed features of headboards materials are great ways for choosing the right headboard for your bedroom.



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