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8 Stylish Ways To Use Decorative Pillows

What will life be without pillows? I really don’t want to think about it, because apart from providing comfort they can be the best ammunition in a playful fight. If you are thinking of adding spice to your decor then pillow is a place to start. But this can be tricky as growing up throw pillows were a bit scary. Most of the homes that had it did not know how to incorporate them into their decor so everything looked like a hot mess. But don’t be scared as decorative pillows is an ideal way complete any home by highlighting the best colours and textures of the space. Let’s help you not make a mess of your home decor.

Here are 8 stylish ways to use decorative pillows.



1. Romance


Decorative pillows can add a romantic feel to your space, you just have to understand how to make that happen. Use pillows that have a variety of shapes with delicate fabrics like lace satin or velvet. Remember to use soft colours if you want to create this. White and pastels can also help create a whimsical look.

2. Neutral


Not everyone is a fan of bold colours, but you can still stylishly incorporate neutral colours into your decor. You can select decorative pillows in white, black, grey and tan to complete the look of your room. If you want to tone things down as much as possible, consider selecting pillows that are all the same colour.

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3. Florals

Florals patterns can add life to a boring room. A stylish way to add a burst of colour to your room is by using throw pillows that feature floral patterns. And if you are feeling summary, you can mix and match pillows with different styles to create the look of a bouquet of flowers.


4. Regal

Throw pillows can help give a regal feel to your bedroom. Decorative pillows featuring traditional patterns, gold embroidery and tassels to create a bedroom that is fit for a king or queen.

5. Night light

Night lights

You can create a party-like atmosphere with decorative pillows. Add fun to your bedroom with pillows embedded with LED lights. They also make cuddly night lights!

6. Modern

If you like the modern look, then create it for your space using decorative pillows. Use limited colours for your throw pillows or strong geometric prints. Modern decorative pillows are the perfect relief for a room that might include a variety of eco-friendly furniture materials, including recycled wood and metal.

7. Mix it up

Mix prints

By mixing and matching various styles you can create a fun space and demonstrate that you do not take things too seriously. But be careful and don’t go overboard with the colours and patterns.  Try to select at least one colour that is in common with the rest of the room’s décor in order to bring the look together.

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8. Personal Accents

Personalized accents

Personalize your bed or chair using throw pillows shaped like an initial or maybe your picture, it adds a bit of personality to the room.



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