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How To Decorate Your Wall

A living space appears more beautiful when the wall is decorated. Going with the right décor ideas can, however, be the difficult aspect of designing. You don’t always need fixtures, with the use of murals and even simple paintings with great colours, you can make your walls beautiful. Just the paint job is enough to transform your room. There are painting techniques that can give the illusion of additional texture being woven into the wall. The colour combination of the paint should also be carefully considered. Pay attention to how they blend with the curtains, rug and other furniture items in the room. Colours are known to have an effect on people’s psychology.

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However, as much as wall colours can make the space pop, the walls can even be more beautified by using fixtures. These are some tips to help you decorate your wall.


Singular décor

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You can give your wall a whole different look by a single, large artwork or photograph. Finding a fitting decoration piece might, however, be the challenging part. Ensure you keep in mind what matters – design, colour, and comfort. Whatever you decide on, it should be what you love. You don’t want something that creeps you out on your wall. Since it’s just a single item, it should be large but it does not need to fill the whole space. Work out the dimensions of the item in relation to the size of your wall, and in hanging it, make it centred above a sofa.

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Numerous items

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For shapes of fixtures, don’t be afraid to blend horizontals, squares, circles, and whatever you want. To provide a sleek look, use black frames. This adds continuity to the design. Photographs of loved ones, travels, fun moments. This will give your wall a gallery look. You can prevent a blank wall from looking empty by filling it with a collection of small prints. Images of soft landscapes are soothing. To create a cohesive look, arrange the frames in a grid pattern on the wall. All you need to achieve this design is a few items well grouped together.

Display your collection

Get that stereo and album covers, prized possessions, and awards out. It’s your home, your wall, you can hang whatever you want. You can also use vintage jewellery if you wish. In the dining area, for instance, you can screw something on the wall and display your plates and glassware.



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You can use a single large wallpaper, or small-sized ones and glue it to a whole section of the wall. You can use pieces on the wall that have designs of nature. In the guest room, for instance, wallpapers with nature designs make guests feel as though they are actually on vacation, visiting some tourist site in the world. Ensure you consider colour combination also in choosing wallpapers.

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Repurposed materials

You can transform an old serving tray, for instance, by making it into a unique piece of wall art. This is creative and will add a decorative touch to your wall.



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