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Must Haves For a Modern Dining Room

One of the most important places in your home is the dining room. The modern dining room is usually adjacent to the kitchen, solely devoted to consuming foods, hosting, feasting and used infrequently as it primarily houses large gatherings, family dinners, and celebrations. The beauty of a dining room lies in its decorative furniture, colour scheme, and space.


Modern dining rooms can be of different sizes and shapes or dimensions. As you glance through dining room pictures, consider few things such as the layouts of your modern dining room, the frequency of usage, the number of guests to expect at your dining room, nature of your gatherings (big feasts or family gatherings) and other personal preferences. After you must have finalised your consideration, you can proceed to the modern dining room set up and decorations. 


For a stylish look of your modern dining room, the followings are must haves.


Modern Dining Table

Modern Dining Table

The dining room table remains the main focus of most dining experience whether it’s casual or formal. Most dining tables are traditional square, rectangular or round and can be manufactured in a variety of materials such as wood, glass, metal, marble and even tile. In the choice of a modern dining table, consideration must be given to the available space in your dining room, the frequency of usage and number of people expected to make use of the dining table.

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Elegant Dining Chairs

Elegant Dining Chairs

Elegant dining room chairs can add to the style of your dining room while ensuring a comfortable dining experience for your family or guests. Dining chairs come in different styles such as the armchair, side chair, upholstered and non-upholstered and it is made with varieties of materials like bent wood, moulded plastic, and metal. The number of chairs to be placed in the dining room is largely determined by the size of your table; smaller tables often require 4 to 6 chairs, while mid-sized or wider tables require 6 to 8 chairs. Consider buying extra pieces should you need to entertain more guests during a larger feast. 


A Beautiful Rug

dining rug

Any area of the house where food is consumed should have an easy to clean flooring. An area rug in your modern dining room is one of the best ways to enhance the look of your dining. The modern dining room rug should not be too big or too small, at least 24 inches on all the sides of the dining tables to allow the guests adjust chairs without damaging the floor. The geometrical shape of the rug must complement that of the dining table as such, a round dining table should not be placed on a rectangularly shaped rug. A square dining table works best with a square rug. The rug materials can be made from cotton, synthetic, carpet tiles or natural fibre rugs and may come in different colours. 

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Trendy Chandeliers

Trendy Chandeliers

Chandeliers are fancy hanging lights commonly used for ceilings lighting with branches of incandescent light bulbs or fluorescent lamps. Chandeliers come in different sizes, shapes and are made from different materials such as crystal, glass, rustic, candle. Adequate lighting and the ambience of your dining room can impact how you and your family enjoy a meal. The size of the dining room should be considered before buying a chandelier. Most importantly, you should ensure there is at least 30 inches between the dining table surface and the bottom of your chandelier. 

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Stylish Linens

table linens

Stylish linens are similar to dining table cloths. Stylish linens help beautify your dining and prevent your dining table from scratches and stains. Some stylish linens come with napkins, placemats or decorative pieces meant to be spread before serving food. Stylish linens can be made from almost all kinds of fabric materials.

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Fancy Wall Decor

wall decors

Dining walls can be decorated with abstract artworks and mirror or beautiful art pieces as well as wall paintings with appealing designs. The moderate size of the decor should not overwhelm all of the space on your dining room wall.

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A simple centrepiece

dining centerpece

The centerpiece will make your dining table appear inviting. A simple and elegant centerpiece like a candle stand or flower pot can look great on your dining. The centerpiece can be packed in a plastic, ceramic or glasswares. 

Hoping to change your dining design or rent a new apartment, consider the above-listed features before you invest your time and money. 



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